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For centuries now theater has been a popular platform to raise public awareness and highlight tabooed issues. Theater for its interactive and direct approach is said to have a more significant impact on the audience. Keeping this in mind, Kenyetta Lethridge, a native Angelino and recipient of NAACP Award came up with a concept of short story for a festival back in 2010. Rejected at that time, Lethridge continued with her efforts and in 2012 presented to the theatergoers ‘Innocent Flesh’. Premiering at Zephyr Theatre in Los Angeles, Innocent Flesh is a socially significant and equally horrifying story of human trafficking. Focusing primarily on sexual exploitation of underage girls, this theater production tackles a persisting problem that exists in every corner of the world. The subversive issue has beautifully and effectively been brought on stage by a creative team that includes the producers Diana C. Zollicoffe and Michael Mann. The premiere show was met by a standing ovation and since then the demand of Innocent Flesh tickets has increased.

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About Innocent Flesh

The story of Innocent Flesh begins and ends with the simple notion; “I want someone to love me”. Kenyetta Lethridge has used her experience of mentoring young girls who end up on the streets to pen this eye-opening, thought provoking story. Innocent Flesh centers on the lives of four young girls belonging to varied backgrounds who have one thing in common, the desire to be accepted and loved. The all-girl cast includes the characters Danna, Candace, Lupita and Lisa. Claiming of dire situations at home they run away and work on the streets. Lupita’s father after having served military had post traumatic incidents that ended up in killing her mother and brother. Candace grew up with a feeling of being unwanted, was seduced at a tender age of twelve and found solace in the hustling nightlife. Danna belonged to a well-off family but ran away from home with the belief that her parents didn’t understand her. Among them Lisa was the only one who actually did grow up on the streets after being born to a prostitute. Having faced rejection of different kinds, these girls tell their stories and talk about their dreams which include becoming an actress, a lawyer and having a similar life as Angelina Jolie, adopting kids and raising them. People who have watched the show claim that more than once during the play they have thought to themselves, ‘Just like me’. And this is where Innocent Flesh succeeds as a powerful story, that it’s not a tale about underprivileged, outcasts or exceptional cases but of normal teen girls that once were us or could be our daughters.
The dynamic team of Innocent Flesh has presented issues like child molestation, rape, seduction, abortion and the simple cries of help in an artfully created package. Instead of directly introducing the audience to such intense topics, they were explored by the clever use of poetry, dance and effective soul-piercing chorus. As the four girls collectively chant “I want someone to love me”, it thaws even the coldest of hearts. The play breaks its fourth wall and these girls include the audience in their decisions and the pain that they go through every night. Their fear and courage – sometimes real and sometimes a pretense, is presented with great compassion and delicacy. The multilayered presentation style also makes use of humor and surprisingly it doesn’t undermine the idea, in fact makes it all the more effective.
Innocent Flesh boasts of a stellar cast that has stunned the audience and critics with powerful acting. The main performers include Daphne Gabriel, Jameelah Nuriddin, Angelina Prendergast and Clara Gabrielle. To encourage a great audience turnout so that more and more people can be educated about sex trafficking, cheap Innocent Flesh tickets have been made available. After a sensational LA debut, the show is now coming to other cities as well. Make the most of this opportunity and get your Innocent Flesh tickets as soon as possible.
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