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Happy Birthday is a revival of Anita Loos’ play. The show opened for the first time at Broadway’s Broadhurst Theatre in October of 1946. Helen Hayes from the cast won “Best Actress in a Play” and Lucinda Ballard won “Best Costume Design” Tony Awards. Decades from today, the play was actually written by Loos for Helen Hayes, who was her good friend, to provide with her good role. Unlike the plays of that era that attracted large audiences, this play wasn’t a classic or based on monarchs. It was booze fueled and frisky. To attend the latest revival production at The Beckett Theatre, make sure you have your Happy Birthday Play tickets in hand.

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About Happy Birthday Play

Anita Loos was an authoress, actress, playwright and screenwriter belonging to Sisson, California. She is mainly famous because of her blockbuster novel named “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” Initially this comic novel was published as short series in Harper’s Bazaar. The novel was a satire that ridiculed that era’s sexual relationships. Because of the series, the circulation of the magazine increased overnight. Loos also wrote several plays for Broadway and kept contributing to magazines till her death. Apart from her writing career, she also appeared in several Hollywood movies.
Happy Birthday the play is a fast paced comedy that revolves around a librarian named Addie Bemis, who has been following a simple person’s quiet routine all life long, and finally decides that it’s time to live up. One rainy evening, she decides to make her way to the Jersey Mecca cocktail lounge located in Newark. There for the first time in her life, she takes revenge from life and starts living it up, changing the soft spoken librarian self into a party loving, dancing and singing sexpot. Addie falls for a bank clerk Paul Bishop, who is already engaged to Maude Carson.
Addie, throughout the rainy evening at the bar tries to win him over. As the evening progresses, so does her aggression, after being fed on her very first cocktail of life “pink lady.” It is only the beginning; by the time it all ends, she is drunk on a spree of liquors. Her father is a drunkard hence she takes on drink as a “drunk.” It is being suggested that her father isn’t a very likable personality, and hence she isn’t either. Throughout the play there is a tension between Addie and her father. Behind the veil of “self righteous” woman, there is a girl who is desperate to be liked by the bar men she calls “scums.”
Happy Birthday first production ran 564 performances before it closed down. The show was directed by Joshua Logan, famous for being the co-producer of “Wish You Were Here” musical from 1952. He has also directed several hit Broadway shows such as John Loves Marry, Annie Get Your Gun and Fanny. The show featured a famous track I Haven’t Got A Worry In The World. The music was composed by Richard Rodgers and lyrics of the song were written by Oscar Hammerstein II with James Livingston.  They both co produced the play as well. Joshua had directed a show for James and Oscar in the past, and they offered to work with him on Happy Birthday as well.
After Happy Birthday the play got famous on Broadway, it was adapted into a television special for NBC and featured Betty Field in the role of Addie. The show aired in June of 1952. The revival production promises to bring back the long forgotten Broadway show that made a mark in its time. If you wish to be there to watch this classic revival, good news is that you can now book your share of cheap Happy Birthday Play tickets from us!

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