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Bunty Berman Presents a wonderful trip to Bollywood’s dance, drama and music this season. Produced by The New Group this musical is directed by Scott Elliott (artist director) and Geoff Rich (executive director). The musical owns its lyrics and book to Ayub Khan Din. Din also has credits for giving the music alongside Paul Bogaev. The musical is loaded with very beautiful and thoroughly enjoyable dances which have been choreography by Josh Prince.

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About Bunty Berman Presents

Bunty Berman Presents started as a result of a special collaboration between Elliot and Din. Both have enjoyed a very good working relation for the past fifteen years. Elliot has admired Din as a film actor and a mostly as a playwright. He consistently pursued him to come and work on stage since he saw him play the role of Sammy in Sammy And Rosie Get Laid ( a Stephen Frears' film written by Hanif Qureshi). Din’s profile as playwright begins with the Laurence Olivier Theatre Award winner East is East (1997) which also won the London Critics' Circle Film Award and the British Independent Film Award. The story also won a couple of nominations at the European Film Awards. Rafta, Rafta... (2007) is another play by Khan that talks of problems faced by Indian immigrants in the UK. East is East’s sequel West is West was also selected to be made into a film that was released in 2010.
Berman Presents is the very first musical by Din and is has very thrilling part played by Berman. Alike other New Group hits Rafta, Rafta and East is East, this play also has a lot of spark, energy, color and drama. But the best bit is the music and the comedy that keeps this ninety minute of fun ride rolling. It is truly magical to see the revival of the Golden Era of Bollywood on stage with very catchy songs and dance. Interestingly, they have been done with a twist, in noveau Hollywood style.
The musical is sparkling with excellent music arrangements and orchestration. The Sound Design ACME Sound Partners under supervision of Paul Bogaev and Boko Suzuki, have helped bring out some of the best musical numbers. To add more glitz to the show, Josh Prince has choreographed each number very creatively. The set design by Derek McLane has surely won the cake; it re-creates Bollywood of the time just right. William Ivey Long’s costume design, has created a great look and feel, giving each character its due outlook. Bits like lighting design (David Lander) and projection design (Wendall K. Harrington) have also done wonders to the show. Everything together completed the theatrical really well
This new musical comedy tells the story of a Bollywood a successful producer and owner of Bunty Berman studio. The studio and Berman’s production were once the talk of the town, but started to lose their charm with time. Raj who is Berman’s best friend and the biggest star of the time, suffers from a whole lot of problems in face of competition; making him lose fame and fortune. Bunty the biggest stakeholder in Raj’s career struggles while the star’s graph falls. When their latest flick fails at the box office, Bunty strives to keep his business and his studio running. How will he do that? Grab Bunty Berman Presents tickets to see.
Bunty Berman will come to the stage as Din and will be joined a number of seasoned stage actors. The star cast has worked tirelessly to make this musical a success. The cast includes names like Raja Burrows as Chandra Dass, Nick Choksi as Saleem, Lipica Shah as Shambervi, Sorab Wadia as Raj Dhawan, Sevan Greene as Nizwar, Gayton Scott as Dolly, Alok Tewari as Shankar Dass and Lyn Philistine as Sandra De Souza. The ensemble lineup has Pallavi Sastry, Katie Chung, Debargo Sanya, Shoba Narayanan, Andrew Ramcharan Guilarte and Pallavi Sastry.

This cast is sure to enthrall all theater goers with outstanding acting and dance performances. If you want to be a part of this live experience, get hold of your tickets and watch Berman fighting his way back into Bollywood. Amid divas, goons, monsters and everything else making life difficult, you will enjoy laughter, fun and frolic. Don’t miss out on them. Make plans with your family and friends and join Bunty Berman Presents on its inaugural. Cheap Bunty Berman Presents tickets offer a great opportunity to get deals and bargains for the premier season of this fantastic musical comedy. Purchase them at the earliest to avoid inconvenience and disappointment. Relax and enjoy!

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