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The musical Bunnicula is adapted from the famous children’s book series of the same name. Although it is a suspense about a bunny who is deemed to be a vampire but far from horror, Bunnicula is a witty and highly entertaining musical. The well crafted characters and the tantalizing storyline make it a quality theatrical experience. Get Bunnicula tickets to see the stage performance.

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About Bunnicula

The musical is based on the bestseller Bunnicula book series which has been written by the husband and wife duo Deborah and James Howe. Basic plot of the stage performance is the same as the original book but a few modifications have been made to add to its appeal. For the theatrical version, Charles Busch the Tony Award nominated writer has written the book. The end result is remarkable and has won over the theatre goers.
The story revolves around the Monroe household. This includes the parents and their two children. Also part of the household are the pets, Chester the cat and Harold the dog. Chester is a very unusual character who has a penchant for reading horror stories. This has led to the cat having an imagination and as a result it is often found overstating the facts. Chester also has a tendency to be arrogant. In contrast to her naughty character is Harold who is portrayed as loving and simple. He is often made fun of by Chester for being too slow. in spite of their differences the two animals share a close friendship. All through the musical the two animals engage in light banter which is very amusing.
While on a family outing to see the horror film Dracula, the Monroe’s come across a strange white bunny. The furry animal has glowing eyes and unexplainably long fangs. Soon the family develops a fondness for the bunny and adopting it they take it home. Since they found the animal while watching Dracula they name him Bunnicula. The new addition to the household is surrounded by mystery. Shortly after his arrival unexplainable things start happening in the house. Strangely vegetables are found white and drained. Chester inspired by the horror books that he is very fond of holds the bunny responsible. Not only but he is convinced that the bunny is a vampire. Having the well being of the family at heart, the cat seeks the help of Harold. Together they try to get to solve the mystery.
The creative team of Bunnicula has done a superb job and the end result is commendable. The choreography has been done by Connor Gallagher. The show also features catchy music. Drama Desk nominee Mark Waldrop has contributed the lyrics while the music has been given by Sam Davis. Also lending his expertise to the music the orchestrations are the work of Greg Pliska.
Although the show is meant for children but it also holds appeal for the adults. Bunnicula is a production with hardly any dull moments. It is a combination of light humor and hilarious moments. The comical situations on the stage get laughs out of the audiences. Also the engaging dialogue goes on to make it appealing for the older generation as well. Come and enjoy this unique and funny production at the next staging of the Bunnicula show.
With its combination of unique characters, witty dialogue and interesting storyline, it is sure to be an entertaining theatrical experience. Book cheap Bunnicula tickets to see the musical which sure looks to be top quality. The stage performance is suitable for children five years old or over and children under the age of four are not allowed in the theater.

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