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Award winning couple Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman, who are fast becoming the hottest pair in the comedy genre, come together as ex-husband and wife in a play that is shaking up theatre circles. Written by Sharr White and directed by Bart DeLonrenzo, the play is titled Annapurna. The dark comedy follows a couple, Ulysses and Emma, as they meet after almost twenty years in a near isolated trailer in a park in Colorado. The ex-husband and wife then talk about a series of subjects, including love, separation, loss, death, family, and ultimately, life. With an incredibly strong team behind the stage and one of the most dependable two-man team on-stage, this is one play that has wooed audiences, surprised critics and has become an instant hit.

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About Annapurna


Sharr White has already written award nominated plays. He has written for both Broadway and theatre in general, and has been noted by a variety of critics. For his efforts he received the “Outstanding New Off-Broadway Play” nomination at the Outer Critics Awards. His work on Annapurna brings a new light to the oft used theme of love and separation.  His script’s genius lies in the fact that despite focusing on the dynamics of divorce, the play has various comic moments. White provides comic relief when needed, and delves into drama when required. The dialogues are timed impeccably and the script is tightly knit around the characters.


Joining White is the critically acclaimed director, Bart DeLorenzo. DeLorenzo has won six LA Weekly Theater Awards, three LA Drama Critics Circles Awards, and the Theatre Communications Group Award for Directing. His repertoire includes productions such as King Lear, Margo Veil, Shipwrecked! An Entertainment, Around the World In 80 Days and Dead Man’s Cell Phone. His work in Annapurna has gathered massive acclaim from everyone on account of his expertise in making sure that a two-man stage is never too empty, and never too over powering. The direction of the play makes sure that the play is always at its optimal and the audience is able to feel the emotions without being too burdened with overbearing direction.


The play debuted with a different cast in 2011. However, once the show went to LA for a premiere, the real-life celebrity couple Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman were brought on to play the estranged couple on screen. Mullally and Offerman are perfect for the job as they bring a certain realistic charm to the play. Drawing on their own ten year marriage, they are able to portray the love and troubles of Emma and Ulysses on stage. Both actors fill the stage with their presence, and transform the play into a complex analysis of love and life. The fact that there are only two people on stage doesn’t matter; both main characters leave no room for others.


Anger, love, loss, sadness, compassion; raw emotions run aplenty throughout the play. A comedic tragedy, the play allows the audience to feel the pain of Ulysses as he tries to come to terms with his wife running away with his kid twenty years ago. And Emma tries to justify why she left in the middle of that night without telling anyone. A story that explores the human condition, and our capacity to love, this is a must watch play for theater enthusiasts. Fans can now purchase Annapurna tickets.


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