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The New Brooks Musical Young Frankenstein has given a new shape to the theatrical humor. The mockery at the scary movies through wild and zombie dance, distinctive 70s music, detailed stage work and somber costumes has been well received by the Broadway audiences. The musical is on a national tour now and the expectations are that the viewers around America will love it equally. Young Frankenstein Tickets are on sale now. If you plan to enjoy some real humor engulfed in the happy peppy music then get your Young Frankenstein Tickets before they are sold out.

About Young Frankenstein

The Young Frankenstein musical is a parody of the comedy movie of mid 70s called Young Frankenstein, which was the parody of 1931 horror movie Frankenstein. Interestingly, Mel Brooks is the writer and producer of both the movie and the musical. The Young Frankenstein is the son of the monster Frankenstein from the original horror movie. The musical tryouts were held in Seattle in Oct 2007 and shortly after one month it opened on Broadway. It received average reviews from the critics but the public response was outstanding. In January 2009, after 484 performances and 30 previews, the Broadway production closed. Currently, the cast and crew is enjoying the U.S tour and receiving huge public applause. The current cast of the musical includes Roger Bart, Cory English, Brad Oscar, Shuler Hensley, Anne Horak, Joanna Glushak and Beth Curry. The plot of the musical is set in the year 1934 in Transylvania Heights. The story begins with a parade held in celebration of the death of Dr. Victor von Frankenstein's aka the mad scientist. But the whole celebration is spoiled by inspector Kemp who has a wooden arm and a wooden leg. He breaks the news that the evil Victor has a grandson named Fredrick who heads the Anatomy Department of the best medical school of the New York City. The people however believe that Fredrick would never return to such a small town.

In New York, Fredrick Frankenstein is busy in his life as the Dean of the Anatomy Department is ashamed of being a Frankenstein. He pronounces his name differently and wants to be recognized as a brilliant scientist instead of the mad scientist. Fredrick finds out that he has inherited a mansion from his grandfather and he has some issue to resolve in the town of Transylvania. Fredrick is engaged but his fiancee Elizabeth Benning doesn't allow him to have a physical relation with him. When Fredrick reaches his town, he is greeted by Igor who is the grandson of Frankenstein's henchman. Igor wanted Fredrick to follow his grandpa's footstep and restart his research to build the monster.

Fredrick finds the idea very intriguing and hires a yodeling lab too. Once Fredrick reaches his castle and meets the staff of his grandfather, he becomes motivated to fulfill the dreams of his ancestors. During his stay in the mansion, Fredrick one day discovers his grandfather's secret laboratory and finds the needed equipment to build the monster. He sends Igor to find the brain for the monster, who mistakenly brings him the abnormal brain. Meanwhile, the villagers and inspector Kemp visit Fredrick to welcome him and check if he too is busy doing some mad experiments. During their visit to the mansion, the monster is set free by Frankenstein's mysterious maid Frau Blucher.

The Act I of the play finishes with the monster set lose. The Act II contains some major twists and turns finally leading the story to happy ending. The strange side of the monster presented through this plot is truly lovely. The idea of love and how it can make or break someone is sensational. The beautiful music numbers like "Deep Love", "Listen to Your Heart", "Please Don't Touch Me" and "Please Send Me Someone" have become the identity of the musical. Frankenstein Junior, the musical has received several awards and nominations. It has won 8 Drama Desk Awards, 3 Tony Awards, 3 Drama League Award, 1 Grammy nomination and 10 nominations for Outer Critics Circle Award.

It is your turn to experience the wonders of Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan's version of the famous Frankenstein. So order your Young Frankenstein Tickets now and watch this fun musical with your entire family!

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