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In the Land of Oz, there are the people who you root for and the people you have been taught to fear. The Wicked Witch of the West, with her emerald green skin and hard demeanor, clearly falls in the category of Oz’s biggest baddies.

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At least, that’s what you’ve been taught to believe.

Wicked takes you on a journey into the early life of a young girl who was born different, but who was also courageous, intelligent, and extremely gifted.

What Made the Witch so Wicked?

Every story has two sides and unless you hear both of them, you’ll never get the full and clear picture of what the story is truly about.

Wicked is a musical which shows audiences that appearances aren’t always what they seem. When a young emerald skinned girl forms an unlikely friendship with a chirpy blonde, the real evil forces in the Land of Oz are set to work. A friendship is torn apart as the girl who doesn’t fit any conventional molds is labeled wicked while her friend is hailed as saintly and good.

If you were a fan of the Wizard of Oz, you owe it to yourself to witness the full story. Get your Wicked East Lansing Tickets today and see for yourself who the evil forces in Oz really are.


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