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The musical West Side Story North York relives the Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet ala Broadway style. West Side Story opened up in 1957 as a great Broadway hit, consequently allowing for the musicals productions worldwide. Each one of these versions has known to be spectacular theatricals, attracting larger crowds for every upcoming staging. Broadway’s West Side Story is known to be a marvel every time. West Side Story North York will prove nothing less than the original masterpiece.

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About West Side Story North York Tickets

West Side Story North York tickets tell the story of two hearts and souls bound by love. Tony and Maria and their love falls prey to rivalry of street gangs. Living and growing up in New York of fifties both strive against ethnicity. In order to bring peace amidst the prevalent hatred both sacrifice, life and love.
This musical is a brilliant work of  Arthur Laurent and Leonard Bernstein; who have masterfully created and used  a music score to make West Side Story‘s music as one of the best on  Broadway. All time hits of the musical were originally choreographed by the Tony Award winner Jerome Robbins. West Side Story became a pioneer of innovative musicals, inspiring over a decade of theatrical productions on Broadway and West End.
To watch and become part of a love story wrapped in a mesmerizing theatrical, avail West Side Story North York tickets. An early bird booking will even allow for cheap West Side Story North York tickets and will let indulge in beautiful romance and melodrama that is deeply touching and truly awe inspiring. 

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