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They are unique, mysterious but tuneful and they are none other than the white clad Voca People. This music group from Israel specializes in beat box and the very unusual a cappella form of music. Voca People have appeared on TV shows like X factor. Italy and Domenica In. They have this amazing ability to produce sounds that seems like the whole orchestra is playing. We strongly urge you to attend the upcoming show of this group so get Voca People Tickets from us and it will definitely be a mesmerizing experience for you.

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About Voca People

Voca People was formed in Israel in the year 2009. They got initial fame from one of their videos on YouTube and as a result of it they got around 15 million hits in just a few months. They got their first ever major TV appearance at the end of 2009 on the show called Ale e Franz. Voca People have performed in various countries across the globe such as US, Spain, UK and France. In the year 2010 Voca People embarked on a tour of Italy and did shows in Turin, Rome, Milan and Bari. People if you are bored from your daily hectic routine and need a well deserved break then we recommend you to watch Voca People show. Get your Voca People Tickets today for an exciting experience!

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