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El Paso is a beautiful city in Texas which is not only scenic but is also rich in culture and is full of life. It’s like the city never sleeps with all the lights and festive activities going all year round. A center of tourist attraction for decades, the world couldn’t get enough of this merry city. And so the activities of the city were turned in to a musical and were given the name of Viva El Paso, which in Spanish means, the life in El Paso. The rich culture of the city was turned into a spectacular show of lights, music, dance, song and drama and brought to show in this magnificent show which is brought to the stages once a year.  And that is the time when Viva El Paso tickets are bought by people hungrily as no one wants to miss a chance of theater entertainment as good as this.

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About Viva El Paso

The show starts with the performances which show the beginning of the settlement of the city, all 400 years of the city are shown through props which will be closest to natural. How the settlement of the city began with Spanish coming to the place and later the domination of the Mexican. The initial dance is performed on the famous song La Bamba. This brilliant musical is shown at the McKelligon Canyon Amphitheater, the venue which held the show El Paso Del Norte for two years before being turned into the home venue of Viva El Paso, a show livelier and more polished. The show is a heart touching production with flawless direction, the beautiful narration, the brilliant dancing and the awe-inspiring performances is all what makes Viva El Paso a musical of the year and an amazing entertainment opportunity.  
The show is produced by El Paso Association for the Performing Arts and the artistic guidance was given by Hector Serrano who is the Head of Drama Department of the Association. It was under the supervision of this artistic man that the young performers got a chance to excel their skills and to perform on the stage for this amazing show while the catchy costumes for the show were designed by Donald Pasco. In 2007, Viva El Paso celebrated its 30th anniversary, at that time, the direction rights were with Jaima Barba. The show thrived equally under the headship of the new director who is the director of the show to the present day. The remarkable dancing of the performers who was one of the major reasons of the popularity of the show is choreographed by Nina Gomez Marco Alferez, Elony Bejarano and Jaime Carrasco.  
Get ready to watch this sensational musical in theaters near you. This will be your golden chance to attend this show and all this with just a couple of Viva El Paso tickets. The flawless dance performances, performers circling around the stage, dancing in pairs and with everyone with steps that match equally, all this is a mind blowing spectacle. The heat and the energy emitted from the stage will keep the audience glued to their seats and they won’t find a single dull moment all through the show. So the next time this amazing theater show is scheduled for your city, make a point of booking Viva El Paso tickets on and well before time so that you can boast about watching this brilliant production. The show is like living through the history of the city yourself and stopping at the present time. Viva El Paso is two hours of entertainment bliss which is not to be missed on any cost!

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