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Rated by Forbes Magazine in 2009 as the sixth highest-paid man in Hollywood, Tyler Perry is an American author, director, playwright, producer and a man with numerous other inborn talents. As his first movie Diary of a Mad Black Woman, hit the main screen in 2005, Perry was given the status of national celebrity. By the year 2009, Perry grossed a total of $400 million through his films alone.

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About Tyler Perrys Madeas Big Happy Family

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Perry spent his childhood in poverty with a bleak picture of an ideal life. Perry jumped into the writing career after watching Oprah Winfrey show. This instilled in him the courage to go beyond his traumatic life and pen down the experiences. He began by writing a series of letters to himself thus producing the main idea for his 1st musical I Know I’ve Been Changed. He staged the musical several times eventually coming out as a great success with an average of 35,000 people attending it every week. His devoted African-American audience grew larger and larger thus bringing fame to his writings. Perry has been working on his much awaited play Madea’s Big Happy Family which has also been made into a movie and will be hitting the cinema screens in 2011.
An American play, this musical features Tyler Perry as Mabel Madea Simmons in a lead appearance in the play. The play touches upon the family life that is entangled with various social problems. Mother of five children, Shirley is detected with cancer and is left with very scarce time. She wants her family to notice the severity of the situation. She wants her children to get closer to God as He seems to be the only ray of hope. Shirley’s children are all grown up individuals with families of their own and so they cant see their mother’s logic. Their closest relative Aunt Bam infuses the air that creates a lot of happenings in the family. Madea, The Matriarch General in charge then makes an appearance. Uncle Monroe has issues of his own. Madea is considered the only bright light that can put things in their right designated slots but situations turn quite humorous. Financial matters, usage of drugs and the prime issue of family secrets are handled in a comic way yet by doing so the social reconstruction is hit upon in a very intelligent manner. With Cassi Davis acting as Aunt Bam and Palmer Williams, Jr. as Monroe the play is never boring. The talented cast has done its best in bringing everyday characters to life.
As every piece of art has to face criticism, so has the work of Perry. Many African-Americans claim that his characters are the portrayal of pessimistic racial stereotypes. Oprah Winfrey, the famous show host and social activist, defended Perry by claiming that he must have been raised by a strong black woman. Madea is the portrayal of such strong black women who can be witnessed around us. Presenting a combination of a variety show, sitcom and touring stage show, Tyler Perry’s Madeas Big Happy Family is a mixture of styles that might not be beautifully placed together yet it conveys its message to the masses. The title of the play itself has pun in it. A “big family” is presented by Perry but it is not a “happy” one from Shirley’s point of view. Madea acts as a motivational character in the play that triggers the reality check in the minds of all the other family members, thus ending on a motivational speech.
The last half-hour of Medea’s Big Happy Family presents the view of a variety show by singing the songs of the past. The performers are gathered on the stage by Perry in an impressive manner. Thus the play brings smiles and laughter to the audience before they leave home. Get Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family Tickets now and share this unique experience.

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