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If you and your family want to have a time of your life, the get ready to watch the most amazingly funny musical of the season, True Story of the Three Little Pigs. This musical is not just a children’s play but a must watch for everyone as the performance will hold everybody’s interest. The artists have played the characters wonderfully and you will feel highly entertained as you watch this parody story in theatres. Backed with excellent music and hilarious comedy, the musical is bound to bring those big grins on your face. So hurry up and book your True Story of the Three Little Pigs tickets now for evening to remember.

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About True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Based on the children’s book written by Lane Smith and John Scieszka, True Story of the Three Little Pigs came in its first edition in 1989. Basically, the story is a parody of the “Three Little Pigs” as told by the Big Bad Wolf. The story starts off where the story of the original book ends and thus the hilarious journey of events take place till the very end. This has turned into a classic tale and consequently the theatrical play based on this story has also become highly popular. This time, the tale will unveil itself with those beautiful characters and colourful sets and “Big Bad Wolf” will let you decide whether she is actually bad or good.
A. Wolf alias Alexander T. Wolf, the big bad wolf of the “Three Little Pigs” is on trial for murder of two pigs in the earlier story. Lillie Magill, the reporter pig has unleashed this news to the audience and the theatrical drama begins. Nobody knows the Wolf’s side of the story and his reasons for what he did to the pigs so the Wolf demands justice and Magill wants to bring this to media attention. The curiosity of whether the wolf is guilty or not guilty builds in the initial scenes of the play and you will be fully engrossed till the very end to find your answer to the reporter’s question.
The trial is presided over by the honourable Prudence Pig while the sharp and witty Julia is the prosecuting lawyer for the case. Facing the court trial all by himself stands the very familiar Al, who is an enchanting personality with the passion for fine arts and culinary skills. But in this musical, you have to be the jury and get your minds on work as the piggy world and A. Wolf both will leave the decision of the latter’s fate on you. Blended with amazing hints of jazz and blues, the music of this theatrical drama will keep you enthralled. Each situation in the play is tastefully supported by tunes that will convey the true feelings of all characters to the audience.
The melody and compositions are very important elements of this play as they are reflective of the character’s nature. For example, the Wolf gets more of the blues kind of music while the pigs, as sweaty as they are, get represented by faster tones. Throughout the show, the narrator will keep on asking the audiences as who makes a good case, the wolf or the prosecutors. As you find your answers in True Story of the Three Little Pigs, the characters will give you loads of occasions to laugh your heart out at their mind-blowing performances.
The play is funny to the core but it has adhered to its objective of conveying a serious and a thought provoking message to the audience. A serious line in the end has not curbed the comic elements of the show but has rather brought out the whole play wonderfully. After watching the play you will certainly think that if somebody is different from you, it necessarily doesn’t mean that they are bad or evil. This musical is a must watch for all ages so make sure you reserve your seats for this drama and buy your cheap True Story of the Three Little Pigs tickets as soon as you can. 

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