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Triple Espresso tickets are out now so that you can enjoy the best laugh ever. Get ready for fun, frolic and loads of laughter as Triple Espresso is coming near you to perk you up. Triple Espresso, rightly sub titled as ‘a highly caffeinated comedy’ is a combination of slapstick humor, malapropisms, physical humor by the three comic characters, gags, puns and audience participation. From the instant the show starts till it ends, you will be exploding with laughter in your seats as the talented artists bring you one wave after another of humor and witticism.

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About Triple Espresso

Triple Espresso is the comedy show based on the story of Hugh Butternut, Bobby Bean and Buzz Maxwell, the three comic characters that tell the story of their failure in showbiz on the national television. It is while telling the story that they incorporate the humor and the result is incredible. The chemistry between the three characters is astounding and the natural way they engage the audience to pull more jokes on themselves is the main reason for the popularity and fun. The irrepressible laughter is also the result of the intelligent and spontaneous jokes that the comic characters Hugh Butternut, Bobby Bean and Buzz Maxwell crack.
Triple Espresso was the brain child of Bill Arnold, Bob Stromberg and Michael Pearce Donley. They started Triple Espresso in 1995. They previously worked as solo comedians until they decided to join forces and present something to the audience that will make them explode with laughter. They met up for coffee to decide, and this is how they got the inspiration to name their project as Triple Espresso. Without formalizing the plan for the show, they booked the local church and came up with natural and heart-warming comedy that was an instant success. The amalgamation of Arnold’s comedic genius, Stromberg’s playful physical humor and Donely’s original music for the show proved to be a magnificent combination. After this initial encouragement, they contacted Bill Partland, the Director of the Cricket Theatre. Bill, after watching the show, booked them for the upcoming show. The show was a spontaneous hit and after it there was no coming back.
Initially the three of them played themselves in the live shows but as the popularity grew, they started to select artists to play the three characters. They hand-picked the artists themselves and then trained them for the shows. Dennis Babcock, the former General Manager of the Guthrie Theater and an independent theater producer also got a chance to watch one of the performances by Triple Espresso and was fascinated by it. He agreed to become the producer of Triple Espresso and thus the Triple Espresso LLC was formed. The first official performance was staged in 1997 and immediately became very popular. Soon not only the residents of Minneapolis but all the country wanted to witness the magic of Triple Espresso. Therefore the three artists decided to go big and give performances in other cities as well. They however could not give all the performances themselves simultaneously and thus picked and trained artists for the job. Till now they have trained over thirty artists and the show is still in high demand.
Over the years the authors have evolved and the show has become funnier. The show has now been performed not only in America but also in five other countries and in three different languages; English, Flemish and German. The three authors and original performers, along with the producer, look after the management of the company and all the bookings and engagements. One outstanding quality of the show is that it is clean comedy and can be watched by any age group. You can comfortably go with your family, and the parents can let their kids go with their friends without a moment’s hesitation. The total duration of the show is 2.5 hours including the fifteen minutes of interval.
The comedy presented in the show is appealing to all ages. People young and old can together enjoy the mirth and share the laughter. This is the kind of comedy that will make your heart feel lighter and you will walk out of the theatre happy. So if you want to enjoy a show that makes you laugh from the first minute till the end, get your Triple Espresso tickets now. It will be impossible for you not to enjoy the show and extremely hard to resist the temptation to come back again.

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Q:Can i pay for triple espresso tickets by cash?

A:Nope, you can only pay for Triple Espresso Tickets by American Express, Visa, Master Card and Discover.

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