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If you are a fan of acrobatics, then this is a show you do not want to miss! Widely praised as one of the best acrobatics acts in the United States, Traces is a group that have made a name for themselves over a very short period of time. Thoughtful, humorous explosive and poetic, Traces combines street elements such as basketball and skateboarding with traditional acrobatic forms, creating a show that leaves the audience mesmerized. It delight, awes and surprises the spectators at each twist and turn of the act, mixing contemporary dance with theatre and giving a smashing and unforgettable performance. Now you too can catch this amazing show live, right in front of your eyes! Traces go on tour this summer, and tickets are running out fast, so get a move on and get yours from us right away!

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About Traces

Waiting besides the door of gaffer tape and tarp, an unknown catastrophe strikes outside the make belief shelter. This clubhouse is presented in a beautiful way, making the audience connect to the elegance of the place. Traces contains seven characters which display their outstanding skills for the spectators. The acrobatics of these seven characters tell a warm and ingenious story by their moves. They made the clubhouse in order to spend what they think could be their last minutes in a luxurious manner, trying to live to the fullest and possibly enjoy every moment. They hope to leave nothing undone or unsaid. They have come to believe that the only antidote to destruction is creation itself. This was a fact they came to realize in face of the impending disaster which they think would carry their lives away.
The group explains through their moves how the fleeting desires and impulses that flow from their bodies and unfold on the stage are their brand of creation. They tell their story through illustration, speech, dance, song, music and high risk acrobatics, using every type of expression that they can imagine. They ultimately hope to leave a lasting impression on the audience. To leave a trace of themselves on the viewers in the best way possible. They manage to achieve this goal remarkably well, as anyone who watches their acts always remembers them for their beauty and grace, their elegance and humor.
The audience gets a chance to connect and to understand the personalities of each performer of Traces during the show, as they share their weaknesses and strengths and tell stories from their lives through their performances. Every possible angle from the lives of these seven performers are covered in the show, being explained through their moves and acts. The familiarity of the audience and the performers grows as the show progresses, and their performance turns startlingly human, narrating their sorrows, happiness, lust, greed and various other human emotions. At the heart of the performance, the show seeks to explore the lives of the seven individuals that present such beautiful acts, and in particular their talents and their bond. In addition to this, it explore their unbridled energy, their ultimate affirmation of life, their risk taking, their elegance, poise and beauty, all of which adding proof of a collective pounding pulse.
The seven performers of Traces are often popularly called the Seven Fingers. The show was started by a French company and features astonishingly talented individuals. The company is the pioneer in this brand of circus, creating a show the likes of which have never been made before. One woman and six men present an awe inspiring performance, gravity defying acts of skill and amazing acrobatics that take the breath away. This exhilarating and unique event is one of a kind, and leaves a mark on whoever gets to witness it live. Be a part of this stunning performance with your Traces tickets and get set to be dazzled!

Traces is a creative product of a French Canadian Company, 7 Fingers. It is a show that brings together a mix of theatrics, acrobatics, sports and projections in a unique way. With the power of innovation, the performers showcase their life stories with their fantastical acts. Its concept might appear as an imitation to a circus but it is themed differently and has a lot more entertainment to offer rather than just the fancy costumes and painted faces.
Since Traces is themed around the life stories of its performers, it has the flavor of all moods and stages of life. The show is spiced up with the elements of humor, love, hatred, happiness, sadness and a lot more emotions that happen to be a major part of life. Six international artists are the stars of the show. They sing love ballads, flirt and crack jokes. So it’s like a merger of sporty and emo-acrobatics altogether. The change in the traditional circus concept sets in with the performers dressed in nothing fancy but street clothes and sneakers. The initial impression of it being a dance rehearsal soon changes into an entertainment show with a view of the kinetic world, where bodies fly and twist through the air.

The curtain for the show is raised to reveal a bare stage. The only things it includes are chairs, piano and poles which happen to be the only gadgets for the performers to express their talent. It might look dull and grey with no flashy arrangements but as soon as the artists make an appearance getting sporty with the poles and the strings, the entertainment begins. Their movements take the audiences on a journey to their world where they share their special moments speaking up with actions.
Traces is about the physical joy of the artists that narrate a new story with every act. The appeal of this show is the lack of pretension. The performers actually sweat and get nervous while performing which gives it an effect of reality, adding in the emotional aspect to it. The gravity defying acts of swinging along the strings loosely hung from the ceiling thrill the audiences to the level of being mesmerized to allow even a single blink of an eye. The venue Broadway Playhouse offers a low ceiling which makes the swaying acts look even more terrifying. Risk and danger are the two inherent factors that make the show all the way exciting.
Traces is about six male and a single female performer. Belonging to different regions, they contribute by introducing their own culture and values to the audiences, which are not narrated in a theoretical form. Since the show is all about creativity and innovativeness, the acts are performed maintaining the same tradition.  The artists tumble through the hoops and by balancing on each other’s heads they leap on the giant poles without using their hands. Their acrobatic brilliance provides a spectacular sight for the audiences making them enjoy every moment of the show.

The impressive direction by Shana Carroll and choreography by Gypsy Snider are the factors that majorly contribute to the success of the show. This year the performers are all set to give in their best for bringing up another interesting story from their lives.

So if you wish to visit a circus and also want to watch a theatrical show but cannot decide between the two, you should certainly come see Traces! It guarantees quality entertainment with the most unusual acrobatic movements, performed with expertise and grace. The joy of theatre and the circus entertainment combined! Don’t miss out this chance for a fun-filled time and ultimate entertainment package. Traces Tickets are already on sale! Hurry and get them before they are all sold out!

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