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Traces is a humorous, pure and awe-inspiring theatre show. It is an incredible mix of traditional acrobatics, dance, music, skateboarding, basketball and amazing actions as well as narration by the actors.

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Traces premiered in March 2011 and is produced by the Montreal based group named as 7 Fingers. The two producers of the amazing circus show 'Gypsy Snider' and 'Shana Carroll' have tremendous experience in the field and have also worked in Cirque Du Soleil, which is one of the top circus shows today. Only seven talented actors perform on stage and delight the audience with their dangerous acts and jaw dropping performance. Explained by the critics as poetic, funny, thoughtful and explosive, the show is full of surprises that make you overjoyed.
Traces is unique in its own way. The performers do not just come on stage and perform for a specific time, but they also interact with the audience. They tell stories of their present and past, their weaknesses and strengths. They use all possible non-verbal ways and expressions to move the story forward. The dramatic acts, high risk moves, spinning in the wheel, jumping and flying between the poles and hoops make it very interesting. The participants behave like they do backstage, when they are not performing. Traces has really left the audience in astonishment by providing the unbelievable entertainment and becoming so popular in the very first month. Do not miss the opportunity to watch this incredible circus live. The aura that is created while the performers do all these spectacular moves is incomparable to any other performance. Get the Traces Denver Tickets now!

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