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This year listen to the story of Three Little Pigs from the perspective of the Bad Wolf. By adding the voice of wolf to this old classic, the story has taken a hilarious turn. Watch the wolf on trial as his fate will be decided by the audience piglets that are given the position of jury. With Three Little Pigs tickets witness the decision taken by the court which will preside over the Honorable Prudence Pig. From kids to adults, this new take on the old story of the Three Little Pigs will leave everyone thoroughly entertained. By getting your seats booked for this musical you will realize that this spoof on the real story of Three Little Pigs, when told from the perspective of the wolf, is truly a treat for your kids. So, hurry up and get the tickets now to enjoy this hammed up courtroom drama full of porky puns and hilarious acts.

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About Three Little Pigs

This new musical is based on the popular book “True Story of The Three Little Pigs” by Jon Scieszka, who was inspired by the old fairy tale classic but wanted to add a twist and drama to it. The story of the musical is told by Lillian Magill, a fast talking reporter pig who is hungry for the truth and claims that the story of Alexander T. Wolf, who is always thought of as a malicious and bad character, has never been heard. This is the first time that the story will be told in the court of the Honorable Prudence Pig who is as tough as nails. Covering the case of the murder of the two little pigs, the judge has given the power of jury to the audience pig. However, the position of prosecuting attorney is taken by the smooth-talking, emotive and beautiful lawyer named Julia who has never lost a case. With all these people and witness statements in court, the chances of Al the wolf, to win the case are not just slim but also next to impossible. To see if Magill gets the journalistic glory by trading the true story of wolf, attend this fantastic courtroom drama. Watch as Al, who has been a victim of media stories, stands in the court for his defense and faces the piggy world that is totally against him.
Directed by Cheryl Denson, the True Story of the Three Little Pigs will be a unique experience for your kids. Presented in a new light, this engaging and delightful story will bring out the kid in you. Produced by the Dallas Children’s Theatre, this musical has been created exactly the way in which every children musical should be. Light and fast paced, this creative and cartoonish musical portrays a whimsical world where you will see the pigs spinning their tails to the engaging dance numbers. With belly-rolling silliness, the musical is a show of incredible talent. The memorable score that you’ll get to hear during the musical is a special creation of S-Ankh Rasa, the known composer. You will experience that by the end of the show, the theme song is stuck in your mind. Apart from its music, the wonderful cast of the musical tops off everything. Among the cast you will figure out Bob Hess playing wolf, Catherine Carpenter Cox in the role of beautiful prosecuting attorney who captures the attention of audience every time she opens her mouth, along with Deborah Brown, Lee Jamison and BJ Clevend.

With its plot taken from the hilarious children book, the theatre production of the True Story of the Three Little Pigs would be a delight for people of all ages, especially the kids. Since childhood you have been hearing the story of pigs, this time let’s give a chance to the wolf. Charged with the murder of two of the three little pigs, it’s a crucial day for Alexander T. Wolf as his fate depends on the court’s decision. To find out jury’s decision, get your hands on some cheap Three Little Pigs tickets now. Watch this live courtroom drama to find out if Al is guilty or not.

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