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There is no doubt in the fact that The Whipping man is one of those theatrical productions that are charming, insightful and sometimes too tragic to believe. The show is compelling and mesmerizing. Directed with an unbiased compassion it is a must watch for those who enjoy theater. You can now get The Whipping Man tickets and enjoy an enthralling production that will be truly memorable for you and your loved ones.

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About The Whipping Man

The Whipping Man is an intensely moving theatrical production which focuses upon newfound freedom, the history of slavery, liberation and remorse. The story is based at a time in April, 1865 when the Civial War has finally come to an end. A man named Caleb DeLeon who is a Jewish Confederate soldier, manages to return injured from the gruesome battlefield. Upon his return he finds that his family home has been completely ruined and has been deserted. The only two people residing in the house are John and Simon who happen to be two former slaves. Both John and Simon were brought up as Jews in Caleb’s home.
The three men are seen reuniting to celebrate Passover. During this time they all recall the narrative of the exodus from Egypt and compare the tale to their real life new found freedom. Caleb, John and Simon unearth an array of secrets and the bonds that hold them together. They find new revelation about each other, a few things that may perhaps cost each man his right to freedom.
The main theme of the play is about surrendering of the Confederacy and the liberation of the slaves has finally come to pass as the Jews were getting ready to start their Passover Celebration in order to honor the emancipation of the Hebrew slaves that were in Egypt. There is a strong reference of the Biblical miracle in the play that mentions that a similar miracle occurred in America as it freed its African slaves.
In the production of The Whipping Man, the curtain is raised for the audience to see a young Confederate officer who has been wounded in the war returning to his house in Richmond, Va. Upon his return he finds Simon, the previous older house slave, standing as though guarding the house. Caleb starts to order Simon around. Since the Civil War has ended and African slaves have been freed and bestowed with honor, Simon rebuts Caleb’s orders by reminding him that he no longer need to “tell” Simon of what he needs to do, rather he needs to “ask” him. Simon is one of those characters in the play who is quite caring and attentive of Caleb and obviously the DeLeon family with whom he has been with for eons. Another newly freed slave of the DeLeon family by the name of John is on his way to arrive at the house. John is a young man who is also a contemporary of Caleb. The character of John holds an immense amount of hostility with words towards Caleb. John is quite reluctant to tend to Caleb for his own personal reasons.
As the play progresses the audience finds out that the DeLeons are a Jewish family who taught Simon Judaism when he was a child by Caleb’s grandfather. Simon is seen conducting a Passover Seder on the stage as this year is of special significance to him with his new found freedom; however the two other characters, John and Caleb are highly reluctant to even sit together let alone celebrate anything. In the ninety-five minutes of the play that has been directed my Mathew Lopez, a series of events unfold where family secrets are unveiled and some very emotional tales of Simon and John when they were brought at the DeLeon family house as slaves. The narrative of John which tells the audience of the time when he was brought forth by Caleb’s father to the infamous The Whipping Man to be punished for deeds that he had not committed.
With your cheap The Whipping Man tickets in hand, we give you our word that you will experience a brilliant theatrical production with a commendable cast and superb direction. 

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