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By booking The Tales of Hoffman tickets, you can enjoy one of the finest entertaining opera shows of recent times. The Tales of Hoffman is a popular classic opera by Jacques Offenbach. The libretto written in French was by Jules Barbier. The opera has been based on three different short stories that were authored by E.T.A Hoffman. In all three stories, Hoffman utilized the main protagonist as himself in the opera versions.

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About The Tales of Hoffmann

Michel Carre wrote the play titled as Les contes fanstiques d'Hoffmann. The production of the play took place in 1851 in Paris at the famous Odeon Theatre. Jacque Offenbach saw the play and was greatly inspired by it. The stories that he utilized in the play were “The Sandman” (Der Sandmann) in 1816, “The Lost Reflection” (Das verlorene Spiegelbild) based on The Adventures of New Years Eve in 1814 and “Councillor Krepel” (Rath Krespel) titled in English as “The Cremona Violin” in 1818.
The aria which is in the prologue of the opera production is known as “Chanson de Kleinzach” that means Song of Little Zaches. This aria has it foundations on the beautiful short story of “Little Zaches, called cinnabar” or “Klein Zaches, genannt Zinnober” in 1819. One of the most popular numbers of the opera is it Barcarolle that is also known as “Belle nuit, o nuit d'amour”.
On the 10th of February in 18891, the first performance of the opera took place for the public at the famous venue known as Opera-Comique. The first performance of the opera did not include the third act. The show was displayed in an abridged version on the 18th of May in 1879 at 8 Boulevard des Capucines which was the residence of Offenbach's. In this production Madame Franck-Duvernoy played in all of the soprano roles. Hoffman played the role of Auguez in baritone while all the four roles of the villain were played by Emile-Alexandre Taskin. Edmond Duvernoy was the pianist for the production while the opera had been directed by Albert Vizentini. During this production, the axxlaimed director of the Vienna's Rungtheater was in attendance. Later on, another production of the opera took place on the 7th of December in 1881 at the Ringtheater with a complete four-act version of the show.
The Tales of Hoffman ultimately reached its hundredth live performance on the 15th of December in 1881 at the famed Salle Favart. A fire took place in 1887 at the Opera-Comique which unfortunately destroyed many orchestral parts of the opera production. Due to this unfortunate incident, another performance of the opera was not seen being displayed live until 1893. Paris hosted the shows of the opera again in 1893 at Salle de la Renaissance du Theatre-Lyrique. At this venue, a total of twenty shows of the opera were held.
In 1911, a fresh version with a brand new production of the opera was showcased at the Opera-Comique by Albert Carre this also included the Venice act. In this production, Leon Beyle was in the lead role while it was conducted by Albert Wolff. The production of the opera kept growing at great heights till World War II broke out. By that time it had already performed 70 times. By the time the war occurred, the forces at the Opera-Comique managed a recording of the opera in March 1948. The premier post-war production of the opera was created by Louis Musy and was held in Paris. For the post-war shows, the conductor was Andre Cluytens. In October in 1974, the famous Paris Opera staged the very first show of this remarkable work by Offenbach with Nicolai Gedda in the lead role and the show was directed by Patrice Chereau.
Apart from France, The Tales of Hoffman opera received international fame also by appearing in known venues in places like New York, Budapest, Mexico and Geneva in 1882, in Antwerps, Vienna, and Prague in 1883 and in Berlin and Lvov in 1884. A few local performances of the opera were seen in Buenos Aires in 1894, London in 1910 as well as in Barcelona in 1905. If you are a fan of opera shows or want to be a part of a timeless entertaining show, then this is the best time to get cheap The Tales of Hoffman tickets.

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