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Ahmanson Theater of Los Angeles, California is bringing yet another wonderful play to stage for theater fans. The Scottsboro Boys musical is ready to be presented to theater fans in LA. The play received marvelous reviews from previous showings, which is why The Scottsboro Boys tickets for Ahmanson Theater are selling out fast. The musical “The Scottsboro Boys” is based on a book written by David Thompson. The music for the play was composed by John Kander, and the lyrics are written by Fred Ebb. This play was the last project of  Kander and  Ebb,  before Fred Ebb died in 2004. This musical is said to be the most amazing  work the duo has ever done together.

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The play is based on a true story of the 1930s. The show depicts the story of nine young African American boys who are eager to see more of the world and want to achieve something.. They board a train from their hometown and set out on a journey, without any hint of what lies ahead. The story is full of twists and surprises. On the train there are two girls, who have run away from their home. Keen to rid themselves of the blame of running away, the girls get off the train and blame the boys for rape. The boys are instantly arrested and face charges of rape. Lacking the means to hire a good lawyer, the trial they face does not turn out in their favor. The court finds the boys guilty and sentences them to death. The boys are put on death row at Kilby Prison and await their execution.
Just before the executions, the sentence of the court is challenged and it is determined that the boys did not have proper representation so they deserve another shot. A new lawyer from New York is appointed for them and things seem to turn in their favor when one of the girls admits that the boys were falsely blamed. The young defendants gain hope and start making plans regarding what they would do once the trial is over. However, much to their chagrin the verdict once again comes out against them. From there a series of appeals and re-trials ensue. In every new trial the boys are found guilty.
“The Scottsboro Boys” musical shows one of the darkest times in the history of the United States. The play is emotional and keeps the audience on tenterhooks throughout its duration. With the wonderfully written script and touchy songs, the audience laughs and cries along with the characters of the play. The fear and anguish that the characters feel is palpable and makes an instant impact the audience. The intense emotional aspect of the play is one of the major reasons why the play is so popular with the theater audience. Since cheap The Scottsboro Boys tickets are selling out fast, hurry to grab yours soon.
The musical to be showcased at Ahmanson Theater is directed and choreographed by Susan Stroman. Stroman has won the prestigious Tony Award five times for her immense talent and love for detail. The cast of the play features skilled artists, including Gilber Bailey, David Bazemore, Ayanna Berkshire, Shavey Brown, Christopher Culberson, Joshua Henry, Trent Kendall, Max Kumangai, Hal Linden, JC Montgomery, Justin Prescott, Clinton Roane and Cedric Sanders. The play has been nominated for twelve categories in the Tony Awards.  “The Scottsboro Boys” promises to provide a thrilling time to the audience. Be a part of the unpredictable ride guaranteed by “The Scottsboro Boys”, and get your hands on The Scottsboro Boys tickets as soon as possible.

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