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The Revisionist is a spectacular American play with a breathtaking story that follows a writer suffering from a case of writer’s block. This is a play behind which are the likes of Jesse Eisenberg, Vanessa Redgrave and Daniel Oreskes. It is a play that has already caught the imagination of many, with a large number of The Revisionist tickets already sold to people all over the US.

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About The Revisionist

The play begins with writer David who moves to Poland, seeking solitude and trying to battle against a severe case of writer’s block. He goes and lives with his seventy five year old cousin, Maria, who welcomes him with open arms in an attempt to learn more about her American relatives. The two stay together and Maria gradually begins recounting the details of a complex, post–war history. One thing leads to another, with plots that grow more complicated and as interesting as the play progresses.
The Revisionist stars Jesse Eisenberg, a famous American actor who has appeared in many famous movies. He has played roles in such blockbusters as Zombieland, The Social Network and Adventureland. He has received an Oscar nomination for his role in The Social Network, an achievement few actors can boast of. He has also received a BAFTA nomination for his role in Adventureland and has also starred in such movies as Rodger Dodger and The Squid and the Whale. In the world of theater, he has also starred in Rattlestick’s Asuncion, which was staged at the Cherry Lane Theatre. He also wrote the play and received a Drama League Award nomination for his work. As a writer, he writes for McSweeney’s with his comic essays being featured in The New York Times and Harper’s magazine.
This play also stars Vanessa Redgrave. She has been the guest director of the Brighton Festival held in 2012, where she narrated and directed with Najla Said and Nadim Sawlha a play featuring music and a girls’ choir. This was based upon work by herself and Mariam C. Said, inspired by the memoris of the latter’s Lebanese mother. It was then staged at the Theatre Royal in Brighton. She has also recited the famous The Republic of Conscience poem by Seamus Heaney during the Amnesty International Concert, for Aung Saan Suu Kyi, who was the recipient of the Ambassador of Conscience Award. She has also played popular roles in different Broadway shows, such as in the Alfred Uhry masterpiece, Driving Miss Daisy, starring Boyd Gaines and James Earl Jones, directed by David Esbjornson. Daniel Oreskes is yet another member of this play’s cast, known for performing many roles in many famous Broadway plays, more recently starring in Nathan Englander’s Twentyseventh Man as Bretzky.
This is a play that has received many rave reviews, from the likes of the BBC and many others. The New York Times praises the play and goes on to dub Vanessa Redgrave the ‘greatest actress of her generation’. The Hollywood Reporter, on the other hand, has reviewed the play as ‘mesmerizing’, stating that this play is the best there is in theatre, praising Tony Award winning Vanessa Regdrave’s performance. Similarly, Jesse Eisenberg has been praised by the USA Today, Enertainment Weekly and Newsday for his role. With so much acclaim, this play is highly recommended for a qulaity filld theatrical experience. Book your cheap The Revisionist tickets and enjoy theater at its best.

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