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The Primrose Path is a play by Crispin Whittell based on Ivan Turgenev’s most popular novel Home of the Gentry. Directed by Roger Rees, the performance centers on the life of Theodore who, after living for a long end of years in Paris, is relieved to finally come back home to his Russian estate even though his servants lack enthusiasm in greeting him and the behavior of his cousin Maria is less obliging.

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In the middle of the unwelcoming air, is a special person who captures his interests and delights him for embodying every quality his most desires: Maria’s daughter Liza. The latter is a sensible girl who is wise beyond her years and becomes his love interest in no time. But while all this is quickly happening, there are many dangerous questions lurking in the air; where is Theodore’s adorable wife? And are the about his supposed infidelity at all true? As other characters are too busy in the pursuit of attaining their loves and trying to move forward, Theodore’s possible bright future collides with a past that cannot be completely left behind. The play essentially, paints quite a picture of Russian life at the brink of change, presented in a most lively and light fashion making The Primrose Path tickets a must-have among theatre-goers.
Director Roger Rees, who is a Tony and Olivier Award-winner and previous artistic director of the nationally recognized Williamstown Theatre Festival has directed the world premier of The Primrose Path. One of the central themes of the play is its music which reflects what the characters cannot express in words. Composer Wayne Barker created the music for this production, which is both captivating and moving, with undertones that vary from being sad, to sometimes humorous. Christoph Lemm, the private music instructor in the story, has been portrayed by Tom Bloom who plays most of the music on stage live, allowing the audience to feel like they are a part of the parlor, sitting with the family and guests. Music has played an instrumental part in this performance where it is really revealed to be an emotional creative vent, and a vehicle for discovering one’s inner voice, figuratively and literally, as the play’s characters are trying to.
The writer of the play Crispin Whittell, has been the writer-in-residence of Nottingham Playhouse. He gained most prominence for his play in Malibu called Darwin, which premiered in 2003 at Birmingham Repertory Theatre with production director John Dave. He has also had the experience of directing for Channel 4 and the BBC. He wrote the short film Happy Birthday for Showtime, which was directed by Helen Mirren and starred Christopher Lloyd, John Goodman, Helen Mirren and David Hyde Pierce. In 2010 was commissioned to write up a new edition of Christmas Carol for Minneapolis-based Guthrie Theatre.  He is again under commission from Guthrie Theatre to write the book as well as lyrics for a musical, and new plays for Birmingham Repertory Theatre and Hampstead Theatre. His plays include Clever Dick, Stupidity, Darwin in Malibu, Villa America, Happy Valley, Party Tricks, Killing Him and Killing Her.  
The director of the play, Roger Rees, is best recognized as the actor who playing Robin Colcord in American sitcom Cheers, and Lord John Marbury in TV drama The West Wing. He brought home a Tony Award for playing the lead character in Adventures and Life of Nicholas Nickleby. Some of the best known projects he has been part of include The Addams Family, Waiting for Godot, Man of No Importance, End of the Day, The Real Thing, Cymbeline, Three Sisters and Comedy of Errors, among many more.The Primrose Path will be his directorial debut.
Mpls. St. Paul Magazine has described The Primrose Path to be the kind of play that is as lively and light as can be, where virtually all scenes have certain barbs and quips the audience is tempted to write down. This is a play you cannot miss! So grab some cheap The Primrose Path tickets and be there to watch a truly magnificent performance.

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