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The Mousetrap is a fantastic theatrical murder play written by the famous Agatha Christie. In 1952, the play opened for the first time in the West End of London. The play has been successfully running for the last 59 years. In the history of theatrical plays, this fabulous play has had the honor of having the longest preliminary run of any other theatrical show before. The play has been staged more than 24,500 times until now. The play is also the greatest running theatrical show of the modern times. The show is acclaimed for its twist ending. At the end of the play, the audience is requested not to disclose the end of the show.

About The Mousetrap

The Mousetrap first started out as a radio broadcasted play in 1947. The play was called Three Blind Mice. The play was written when a real life event of the murder of a boy named Dennis O’Neill took place. The boy unfortunately died while he was in the care of a farmer in 1945. The theatrical play is a short story which is based on the radio play. However, Agatha Christie did not allow the story of the play to be published as the play was running in the West End of London. The short story of the play has yet to be published in the United Kingdom; however it was published in the United States of America in 1950, under the title of Three Blind Mice and Other Stories.
Just before the Second World War ended, the producer of The Three Blind Mice by the name of Emile Littler, insisted upon changing the name of the play to The Mousetrap. The idea behind changing the name of the play was originally suggested by Agatha Christie’s son-in-law known as Anthony Hicks. The longevity of this incredible theatrical play has guaranteed its immense fame and esteem among theatre lovers and especially from tourists globally. There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that the Mousetrap Theatre tickets are in such an immense demand.
A few of the greatest well known milestones in this truly out of this world theatrical masterpiece history includes the 13th September 1957 show, which is recorded to be the theatrical productions longest ever run of a theatrical play in the West End, the 17th December 1976 show which was the 10,000th performance of the play, the 12th April 1958 show which was the longest run ever of a play in the West End which showcased a total of 2239 performances of the play, the 9th December 1964 show which showcased the 5,000th performance of the play, the 22nd April 1955 show which showcased the 1,000th performance of the play and the 16th December show which showcased the 20,000th performance of the play. The Theatre tickets Mousetrap, are indeed a delight to have. This marvelous theatrical show keeps its audience captivated right till the end of the show.
The famous and well recognized characters of the Mousetrap theatrical entertainment phenomena include: Giles Ralston (who is the husband of Mollie and his is in charge of running the Monkswell Manor along with his wife), Mollie Ralston (she is the proprietor of the Monkswell Manor and the wife of Giles Ralston), Miss Casewell (she is a rather strange sort of a woman who talks discourteously about some horrible childhood experiences of hers), Christopher Wren (he is one of the first guests to arrive at the hotel, he has a charming personality but he appears to act in a very strange way), Major Metcalf (he is a retired army officer and very little is known about him), Mrs. Boyle (an elderly lady who is critical of everything that she encounters), Detective Sergeant Trotter (he is a policeman who comes while there is a snow storm and is there to protect the guests at the hotel from the murderer) and Mr. Paravicini (a man whose origins are totally unknown, he is shown as having artificially aged and has make up on and speaks in a made-up  foreign accent).
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