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Written in 1892 during the later years of Henrik Ibsen’s career as a playwright, The Master Builder is one of his most important and enlightening works. The play can also be described in terms of autobiographical inferences of Ibsen and his short, yet powerful, infatuation with Emilie Bardach. Staged in 1893 at Berlin for the first time, the play has been performed many times with different styles, forms and interpretations. Inspired by Realism and complexities of human psyche, The Master Builder depicts rich imagery, symbolism and real life connections. The recent production of this masterpiece hits BAM Harvey Theater soon. You can get The Master Builder tickets to have some quality entertainment with your loved ones.

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About The Master Builder

Set in a Norwegian town, The Master Builder is a story of a highly reputed and venerated architect, Halvard Solness and his complex psyche and perplexing façade. Solness is fixated in his past guilt and future insecurities after his marriage suffer badly due to the accidental death of his kids. He is interrupted by Hilde, who embodies an unconcealed sexual vigor coupled with childish stubbornness. Nervous of the younger generation and desperate to maintain his position as a top professional, Halvard Solness reveals everyday reality and complexities of an ageing individual. Rich in vocabulary and artistic taste, the play is ushered by meaningful interpretations of individuals’ undisclosed desires.
The play primarily comprised of three acts but in modern times, it has been performed in a single act without any interval. It has been translated in English to comply with the needs of the audience and stage. Like most of Ibsen’s plays such as ‘A Doll’s House’, ‘An Enemy of the People’ and ‘Hedda Gabler’, ‘The Master Builder’ focuses mainly on the exposition of the character’s psyche and intriguing thoughts besides being inspired from Realism and Naturalism. Many of Ibsen’s plays were considered to be scandalous during his time when representation of strict family morals became a pre requisite in European theater. But critics have well acknowledged Ibsen as a potent playwright due to novelty of his play themes and strong characterization.
Translated by Davis Edgar, The Master Builder hits BAM Harvey Theatre with the fantastic direction of Andrei Belgrader. A thrilling and revived production of Ibsen’s remarkable work features talented cast of John Tururro, Katherine Borowitz and Wrenn Schmidt playing Halvard Solness, Aline Solness and Hilde Wangel respectively. This radical makeover to classic Ibsen play spreads a new wave of drama in modern theatre and is ready to be staged at BAM Harvey Theatre. You can experience this real event by booking tickets at excitingly affordable prices so that you don’t have to compromise on your budget. Buy cheap The Master Builder tickets to witness an exciting show with your family and friends. Rush now and book tickets for this show before the stock finishes.

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