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The residents of Brooklyn are in for a spectacular treat. The Master Builder is coming to Brooklyn soon so all those interested should hurry to buy The Master Builder Brooklyn tickets. These tickets are available at affordable rates so don’t miss this opportunity. The Master Builder is a Norwegian play which was written in 1892. Penned by Henrik Ibsen, it is said to be one of his best works. The play made its debut on stage in 1893 in Berlin. It was translated in English by William Archer, who was a famous theatre critic. The Master Builder revolves around seven characters. Halvard Solness is the master builder and plays the lead character. He is an architect by profession and managed to become a successful one without any formal training, learning the trade through his own experiences. He is married to Aline, who was above his socio economic status. Many believed that he found success after his wife’s childhood home burned down in a fire. His wife never recovered from the loss of her home and shortly after the fire, the couple also lost their new born twins.

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Solness is devastated from the loss of his children and looses interest in his work. The story moves forward with the character Hilde, a young woman who Halvard met ten years ago and along with her, his zest for designing and building also returns. They met when Hilde was a child and Solness was building a church in her village. Solness once promised to build her a castle in the air and he sets out to fulfill his promise. The play mostly revolves around Solness and Hilde. The relationship dynamics of these characters is interesting to watch and something that the audience can relate to. The rest of the characters play an important role in developing the characters of Solness and Hilde. The dialogues of this play are smooth and run in an even flow. They are easy to understand and the audience can follow the sequence of the play easily.
The Master Builder gives an important lesson of how people are easily manipulated by others. It shows that man’s nature is such that he can easily be influenced by wishful thinking and dreams of status and grandeur. The Master Builder is subtle in giving the message it wants to convey. The play represents the tradition of times passed and how people are willing to sacrifice tradition and loyalty for the sake of status and false illusions. Audiences will enjoy this play and the complex messages it conveys with such simplicity. Those looking to attend a quality theater show should buy cheap The Master Builder Brooklyn tickets and witness a great story.
It is said that Ibsen gave autobiographical references in The Master Builder. Ibsen himself had a brief affair with a young woman, who was a student from Vienna. The affair did not last long; however, it left an impact on Ibsen’s mind as he portrayed the relationship between himself and the young woman in the play as Solness and Hilde, respectively. Such references make the play even more interesting and stir the interest level of the audience. The play will definitely be a delight to watch as the fast paced storyline keeps the audience hooked. The Master Builder was adapted into an Indian film in 2008 and was shot in Malayalam language, titled ‘Aakasha Gopuram’. Given the interesting plot and so many interesting facts associated with the play; everyone is encouraged to purchase The Master Builder Brooklyn tickets. The wonderful story and great performances make the play a must watch for all.