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The Lyons, one of the newest but already the most celebrated plays, is being staged in your city and if you have not seen this one, you have missed out on a great piece of theater! The New York Times has been raving about it ever since its Broadway premiere with the following quote: "Hilariously frank, clear-sighted, compassionate and forgiving. A metamorphic magic imbues The Lyons. Fluidly directed by Mark Brokaw and performed by top-drawer actors." This marvelous play has already been nominated for the Outer Critics Circle Award in categories like "Outstanding Actress in a Play", "Outstanding Director of a Play", and "Outstanding New Broadway Play". To sit through this outstanding play buy the Lyons tickets today!

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The Lyons

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Dead Man Walking Kentucky Center - Brown Theatre Louisville Friday
10/27/2017 8:00 PM
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10/29/2017 3:30 AM
Dead Man Walking Kentucky Center - Brown Theatre Louisville Sunday
10/29/2017 2:00 PM
Detroit Lions vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Ford Field Detroit Sunday
10/29/2017 8:30 PM
Shaping Sound Kentucky Center - Brown Theatre Louisville Sunday
11/5/2017 7:00 PM

About The Lyons

The Lyons is produced by one of the most visionary teams on Broadway comprising of Nicky Silver, who is the playwright. The play’s most melodious and beautiful music is composed by none other than David Van Tiegham. David Lander is the lighting designer, and thanks to Michael Krass you will get to appreciate the best costumes you have ever seen in a staged play, in a long time. A play, off course is nothing without its sets. The sets are the primary instruments of that make belief world in which the play engulfs you for a moment, making you one of its own. The Lyons set designer is Allen Moyer and the play is directed by veteran director, Mark Brokaw. This first-class team has produced a first-class play for you, which can now be watched at discounted ticket rates. The Lyons tickets are still available for your purchase!
As mentioned earlier, one of the awards that the play has been nominated for is in the best actress category. That actress is none other than Linda Lavin, who plays the primary role of Rita Lyons. The rest of the cast includes Dick Latessa, who plays the leading role of Ben Lyons, along with Kate Jennings Grant, who is Lisa Lyons in this play, with Michael Esper playing the role of Curtis Lyons. While the star studded cast makes the play all the more special, it is in fact Linda Lavin who steals the show. Lavin has been a veteran actress who has acted in multiple Broadway plays since 1960’s. Her flawless performances have earned her various prestigious awards like Obie Awards, Drama Desk Awards, and Tony Awards, amongst others. She has also been inducted into the American Theater Hall of Fame. Buy The Lyons 2017 tickets and enjoy live performance of Linda Lavin!
The Lyons is an American family, having a hard time connecting with each other even in hard times. Set largely in a hospital environment, where Ben, who is suffering from cancer and dying, is admitted, the family members are as disconnected from each other as they had always been under more normal circumstances. Rita is Ben’s wife, and the two have two grown up kids, Lisa and Curtis Lyons. Ben knows that he isn’t going to make it, so he takes it as an opportunity to speak his mind, not mindful of mannerisms and freely uses expletives while expressing his feelings towards his family and others. You can now watch Dick Latessa as Ben Curtis with his most "colorful" choice of words by buying cheap The Lyons tickets now!
Rita, who has had a troubled and loveless 40 year marriage, starts to contemplate her post Ben future. No wonder the play has been dubbed by one of the critics as "deliciously dark and hilarious"! Curtis is a homosexual and since Ben is homophobic, the two never had much of a relationship. Lisa, who has been through an abusive marriage, is an alcoholic. So these are your Lyons in a nutshell. You can now watch before your very eyes this dysfunctional American family and its unique ways by buying the Lyons tickets today!
This play will entertain you like no other play! It is one of the newest plays with a unique perspective on life, being staged in your city. Staged productions like these do not take place every day. So make the best out of this opportunity and The Lyons tickets now and have a great night out with friends and family!

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