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If you want to see a play full of comedy and complex story while enjoying a blissful evening then get The Liar tickets, a play that depicts the brilliant merge of the iambic humor of classic verse with a contemporary twist. Featuring an intricate web of lies and an unmistakable confusion of love, The Liar has a remarkable quality that it never fails to amuse audience. Beautifully directed and charmingly produced, The Liar is a marvelous two hours play of pentameter stories and rhymed couplets. Braided with colloquialisms, its humor is what attracts people the most. “The Liar”, a joyful classical French farce by Pierre Corneille was premiered in 1643 and is revamped for modern times by the brilliant award winning playwright and linguist David Ives. It is a beautiful merge of classical and contemporary brilliance and is based on a humorous story written excellently.

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About The Liar

Dorante, around whom the play revolves, is a charming and handsome man who arrives in Paris with a fresh degree in law. While truth seems to rescue most people, Dornate doesn’t believe much in speaking truth to people. He is a pathological and incorrigible liar and his lies are brilliant and adorned with spectacle and imagery. His outlandish tales about some was in Germany amaze and convince everyone who hear them but his clever lies create many other problems too if they solve one. In Paris, he meets two women, instantly gets smitten by the beguiling beauty of one of them, Clarice, falls head over heels in love, but mistakenly thinks her name to be of her best friend, Lucrece. The story becomes very interesting when Géronte, who his Dorante’s father asks him to marry the girl he finds for him, Clarice. But Dorante, wrongly believing that he is in love with Lucrece, concocts an outrageous lie that he is already married and is expecting a child to avoid marrying Clarice. When Géronte finds out that he has been lied to, he is infuriated. His lovers are also offended. And after many more intricacies and complications, eventually truth is revealed and plot is happily resolved. There are discords yet each lover finds a partner in the end.
“All the world’s a lie and all the men and women merely liars” is the lesson given to his servant by Dorante.  Throughout the play, Dorante’s tumbling heap of lies in pursuit of love launches a comic confusion among servants, lovers and friends. The truth sets most people free but for Dorante, route to happiness is composed of convoluted lies. David Ives has his own brilliant style of taking this masterpiece of intricate comedy by Pierre Corneille and reforming it in a splendid and sparkling way keeping rhymed couplets and whipping up wild and witty confection of romantic deceit.

The play is full of surprises and throughout the romp every line said is a punch line. The talented cast displays great diction and command of language which pulls off the twist. The crisp distinct delivery and well execution of speech and action make this play remarkable. The quick pace and the outstanding acting attract people all around without giving the feeling of drag on. If you have not laughed hard in a long time, then this play is a must watch for you. The liar is guaranteed to lighten and warm even the heaviest and coldest heart. The golden gift of theatre is its speech and humans are the only creatures who can tell stories. When was the last time you were at a theatre and the audience rolled with laughter? When was the last time you appreciated a well written story behind a humorous play? Come and witness how Dorante turns everyone upside down, be it father or lovers in a wide swath of deception. Get cheap The Liar tickets and spend time of fun and amusement you won’t regret.

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