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Relive the moments of Pope John Paul I’s election and his sad demise with The Last Confession, a play by Roger Crane. A series of performances are scheduled to take place at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles. Owned by Los Angeles Music Center, the venue holds a seating capacity to accommodate about two thousand theater lovers. The Last Confession tickets are now available. Book seats at your earliest, as the good ones tend to sell quickly.

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About The Last Confession


Most of the theatergoers assume that the play revolving around the power politics in the Catholic Church will be a put-off and will not be thrilling. But once they have sat through the play, the audience is pleasantly surprised. The amount of suspense and thrill The Last Confession brings to the stage is more than what an average murder mystery holds. It provides sufficient material to start an intellectual debate once the show finishes. The best part of the play is that it is based on facts; loads of historical facts. The play involving elements of political commentary, murder mystery and ethics debate ran successfully in the West End and then made its way to international touring. With such successful performances, the play gathered quite positive reviews. Broadway World praised the spectacular performances and referred the play as “THE LAST CONFESSION is Drama at its Absolute Best.”


The play opens in 1978 when Pope Paul VI expired after reigning for fifteen years. After his death, College of Cardinals indulges in factional fights during the election of the new Pope. Albino Luciani is elected to carry on the supremacy as the new Pope. The kind-spirited cleric Albino was then famously known as John Paul I. What follows next in the story is stranger than fiction. The saga involves power predators who play Vatican roulette and feed on the lives of innocent people. They don’t care if anyone lives or dies in the process. All they want to enjoy is the sovereignty, the power, the greed. At the eye of this cyclone is Giovanni Benelli. An intricate cardinal, who is struggling with his own faith but it striving to make sure that justice, is served. Giovanni brings a personal touch to the live performance. Shaking with passionate emotions, he manages to deliver long complex speeches seamlessly. What makes his performance so impeccable is the fact that he does not sugar-coat his personality. But instead reveals the arrogant, imperfect self.


The joy of Roger Crane’s production lies in the fact that it is not a one-man show; every actor has played his/her role so well that it seems real. The outstanding actors include David Suchet as Cardinal Giovanni Benelli, Richard O'Callaghan as Cardinal Albino Luciani / Pope John Paul I, Michael Jayston as The Confessor, Bernard Lloyd as Cardinal Jean Villot and Clifford Rose as Pope Paul VI amongst others. These actors have been casted from all around the world including the Unites States, Canada, Australia, England and more places, which is an achievement itself.


The stage production of The Last Confession is brilliantly designed. The sets are made in such a manner that they adapt according to different locations. The talent behind such creative sets is William Dudley who has made very distinct and angular production design that flawlessly fits the material. The gratifying show, The Last Confession is a self-sufficient achievement. Do visit the Ahmanson Theatre this summer to enjoy the show. The Last Confession tickets are selling for a series of performances scheduled to take place at the venue. The show holds a very unique concept and is a class apart from the routine plays. Do take your loved ones along to share this unique experience with them.


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