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The Hutchins Consort is a unique musical ensemble that hails from California. It is one of its kind regional, classic, chamber music act. The ensemble uses eight historical violins designed/built by Dr. Carleen Hutchins. Hutchins pioneered in the world of acoustics with the innovation of free-plate tuning. This was a very accurate way of refining the plates of a violin to fine tune its sound and deliver a cutting edge acoustic performance. Hutchins’ had invented a wide range of violins different in size and sound. Using these, the Consort completely changed the way violins were played. They were able to capture emotions, thoughts and other elements of harmony and music. Since 1999, they have been reinventing and reinvigorating classical music. They have been delivering outstanding live performances all over the world. The Hutchins Consort tickets offer all violin and classic music lovers a once in a lifetime opportunity. Do not miss out this chance to watch them perform live.

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About The Hutchins Consort

The Hutchins Consort took Dr.’s invention to a different level altogether. The ensemble came together, when eight extraordinary musicians decided to learn and play some repertoire together. They used creativity and gave a new dimension to the sound of violin. The consort is a set of gifted, talented and very creative minds that used Dr. Hutchkins’ research and experimented with music by mixing traditional practices with new techniques. The ensemble is lucky to have Joe McNalley, who is the founder and artistic director. He also plays the contrabass violin. The consort also has Frederick Charlton, who is the composer-in-residence and the bass violin player. Both these names are the biggest assets of the group. They are visionary composers. Their profile has a huge and diverse anthology, with works that covers pretty much every musical genre.

The remaining line-up of musicians have Greg Chudzik on the contrabass violin, Pete Jacobson on the tenor violin, Erin Breene on the alto violin & tenor violin, Alan Busteed on the mezzo violin, Ondrej Lewit on the mezzo violin & soprano violin, Bethany Grace on the soprano violin and Marta Blalock Zaludova on the treble violin. The music played by The Hutchins Consort is mostly taken from standard repertoire. There is more that is composed according to the needs of the sound and structure of the Hutchins Octet and the instruments. Together the ensemble has produced unique sounds. It has presented diverse range of music; from the very traditional to the acoustically inventive thereby successfully bringing mainstream and classical music together.

The Consort is thought to have a sound similar to acts like the Kronos Quartet, the 2 CELLOS and the Tokyo String Quartet. However, it has experimented with the powerful string octet like none other. Rather than delivering customary classical music, it has always given fresh and inventive performances. The ensemble’s profile is loaded with works in genres as old as the middle age music to modern pop-culture music. They are masters of culturally inclined compositions and arrangements.
Their most prominent effort in the cultural and regional music is supported by the Catgut Acoustical Society. The Consort, plays repertoire and modern day music like none other. It stands a class apart in the world of traditional and classical music!
The Consort has come to be known as a group of brilliant music virtuosi who have redefined chamber music. They have played everything from gothic to renaissance to classic opera, chamber, Romanian dances and even rock. Uninhibited, they play some of the most unique, entertaining and enthralling chamber music. Their repertoire is loved by a large number of music lovers for its variety and innovation.

Live, the ensemble can be enjoyed for its signature sounds and intricate rhythms. At a Consort concert all kinds of modern and classic pieces are presented as solos and duos. Everything played here creates a beautiful effect. The music, instruments, melodies and the songs talk to the audience. The ensemble is known to make every evening a very special evening one for its fans. The ensemble returns this season, bigger, better and more exciting than before. Watch The Hutchins Consort prove itself as one of the best in chamber and regional music at the season’s most awaited show. Grab cheap The Hutchins Consort tickets before they are taken.

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