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The Great Gatsby is a production that needs no introduction as it has received admiration from both critics as well as audience. It is all about the life on the Long Island with a true depiction of the society during the early 1920’s. The musical is as amazing as the book itself so it is always advisable that you come and watch this fine adaptation of a classic book. Come and get The Great Gatsby tickets for a memorable experience.

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The Great Gatsby

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
The Great Gatsby Sangre de Cristo Arts & Conference Center Pueblo Sunday
2/18/2018 3:00 PM
California Ballet Company: The Great Gatsby San Diego Civic Theatre San Diego Friday
4/6/2018 7:30 PM
The Great Gatsby California Theatre Of The Performing Arts San Bernardino Saturday
4/7/2018 2:00 PM
The Great Gatsby California Theatre Of The Performing Arts San Bernardino Saturday
4/7/2018 8:00 PM
The Great Gatsby Clowes Memorial Hall Indianapolis Monday
4/30/2018 11:00 AM

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About The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is an opera that is adapted from the famous novel of the same that was written by acclaimed American author F. Scott Fitzgerald. He wrote this novel in 1925. This Fitzgerald creation is considered as a classic and is also regarded as a Great American Novel. The novel is set in Long Island and boldly discusses the ironic time when the American society was into drugs, sex and liquor. On the list of Modern Library best novels of the 20th century The Great Gatsby is placed at #2. Since the publishing of it, the novel has been adapted a number of times of theater, movies, opera and even computer games. The opera for the novel was composed by John Harbison and its debut was in 1999 and it was commissioned by Metropolitan Opera. The additional song lyrics were written by Murray Horwitz. The opera was performed at the Metropolitan Opera House which is located inside the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.
The recent adaptation of The Great Gatsby has literally won the hearts of fans and it has also been appreciated by the critics. One of the critics commented that The Great Gatsby musical definitely grips the viewer from start till the end. Some critics have even commented that adapting the novel for the musical was a herculean task because the novel consists of a deeply flawed hero, the characters lack sympathy and more importantly the ending is bleak. The story revolves around the main characters of Jay Gatsby (who is a mysterious millionaire and likes his cousin Daisy, Nicholas Nick (the narrator of the story who is a war veteran and a Yale graduate), Daisy Buchanan (wife of a millionaire and cousin of Gatsby), Tom Buchanan (the millionaire husband of Daisy) and George Wilson (a car mechanic who kills Gatsby and then commits suicide).  The Great Gatsby was adapted for a movie script five times.

The movie of the same name that was made in 1974 included actors like Robert Redford, Mia Farrow and Sam Waterston. The script for this movie was written by acclaimed writer and director Francis Ford Coppola. In 2002 a movie titled G was made that was a loose adaptation of the novel and featured Blair Underwood and Richard T. Jones in main roles. Another movie adaptation is already in progress and the movie is set to release somewhere in 2013. This movie will feature popular actors like Carey Mulligan, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire. You must have heard about the popularity of this play and surely feel tempted to go and watch it. Well the time has come and you don’t have to wait anymore as cheap The Great Gatsby tickets are now available and it is advisable that you book your deals asap.

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