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Hailed by World Magazine as “World Class Theater”, the phenomenal story, “The Great Divorce” is now being performed in a theatre in your town. Penned by C. S Lewis, who is best known for his children’s story book, “The Chronicles of Narnia”, this talented author has a reputation of turning theology into entertainment through his wonderful wittiness and generous sense of humor. This blend of wit and humor are the very qualities that set The Great Divorce apart from his other work. Shedding light on the nature of heaven and hell, this interesting story is worth watching. So if you’re into theatrical shows, Great Divorce tickets will allow you to see the story unravel in front of you.

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About The Great Divorce


Being produced by the producers of the smash hit theatre show, “The Screwtape Letters”, The Great Divorce is an extremely anticipated theatrical production. The most commendable aspect of the story is that even in this celestial expedition from hell to paradise, Lewis has managed to draw some of the most intensely hilarious characters he has ever produced. Yes, in this theatre show you will definitely find Lewis at his imaginative best. Perhaps that is why even The New Yorker has lauded the author by stating that “If wisdom, style and scholarship are requisites to passage through the pearly gates, Mr. Lewis will be among the angels.”


In the show you will find a trio of highly talented actors taking turns to be on stage to play the Narrator – an overt stand-in for Lewis himself – as he takes the bus to leave an isolated “gray town” that he soon discovers to be a city of hell. Along the way, this narrator is found chatting with other passengers on board – also played by the same cast of three members – who are ghosts, carrying psychological luggage with them as they take a voyage to a better place. The ghosts are met with spirits one by one who help them pave their way to heaven.


The passengers then reach the outskirts of heaven. The whole experience of heaven is brought to the crowd by the use of video projections that feature stunning landscapes surrounded with mountains and waterfalls. Provided with the help of state-of-the-art machineries, the whole atmosphere will surely amaze you all.


The primary theme behind this theatrical production is human pride and poses questions about both right and wrong and how one must live. Another laudable feature of the show is that it never feels like a sermon; you will find yourself hooked to the story till the very end.


You will also find yourself immersed in the story because of the impressive performances of all the actors. Joel Rainwater, Tom Beckett and Christa Scott-Reed, all Broadway veterans, will keep you engaged as they portray different people on this exciting expedition to heaven. Playing spirits and ghosts in turn, the characters are dazzling as they work together in a flawless manner. When the characters talk in unison, their blended voices become a single, uncanny and powerful entity on stage, which is enough to enthrall the audience.


The whole ensemble behind the Great Divorce – from the creative designs, set designs to the lightening designs – everything combines together to enchant the crowd. Full of books and clocks, a library and gigantic screens dropping from the ceiling only to disappear like a whim; each aspect of the show is admirable in every sense of the word. The scenes presented in front of the audience are sometimes bleak and dark and other times are gorgeous and transcendently rich.


With so much to offer to the viewers, the show will surely make you talk and wonder for days. So now that the cast of The Great Divorce tickets is coming your way, there is no reason to wait. A great piece of art, it will definitely compel you to question your beliefs and make you think. 


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