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In the heart of New York City lies the entertainment complex, Snapple Theater Center. Sponsored by Snapple in 2006, it’s the first branded arts and theater center. The multi-theater complex is constructed on an area of 20,000 square feet and comprises of two theatres. The state-of-the-art entertainment center boasts of the best facilities available and seats around 400 people. The complex comprises of rehearsal studios, contemporary lobbies as well as two cabaret style seating bars. The modern interiors and the use of bright colors completely lights up the place.  

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About The Fantasticks New York Tickets

Snapple decided to invest in the theater with an aim to enrich the lifestyle of the people of New York. Since its inauguration, Snapple Theater Center is doing just that. The splendid environment, wonderful facilities and hi-tech equipment makes the complex an ideal place for stage performances.  Many accomplished performers have made use of this platform to showcase their talent.
Snapple Theater Center has played host to many successful stage shows and musicals. One of the longest running theater musicals, The Fantasticks is often played here. For this reason one of the theatres is named after the famous Law and Order actor, Jerry Orbach, who also stars in the musical. The ever popular murder mystery show, “Perfect Crime” is also being staged at the complex.

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