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The most tantalizing hit in the history of Black Theatre, The Diary of Black Men Stage Play is one of the longest and most touring productions. It evokes the emotions of sadness, laughter, anger and joy, altogether, making the audiences enjoy the story with true feelings. This social commentary play is a creation of Thomas Meloncon and traces its roots from the early seventies. Its concept evolved over the years, with contemporary additions taking place and the same theme being centered on love, trust and black values.

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About The Diary Of Black Men

What comes to your mind, when a question ‘How do you love a Black Woman?’ is raised?  Well, accelerating your thought process, it can make you come up with several different ideas. These might include, people of different races falling in love with black women, the relationship with stereotypical men, the appeal of women belonging to this race and a lot more. Confirming to the authenticity of these thoughts, the play opens showcasing men lined up in a scene to offer their pitch to impress the lead female character (black woman) of the story. Belonging to different religions and professions make them ask out the young lady in their own unique way.
The excitement in the play begins as soon as these men think of distinct ideas to convince the lady of their true love. A Muslim man comes up with offering protection along with submission in words, ‘Come my sister and learn your position as my wife’. Next in the list, a player goes with a statement ‘I am truly a man, from head to toe’. The diversity in these comments continue with many interesting ones as well, including a Militant saying ‘ You won’t find me as a problem, but a solution to everything’ and a pimp stating  ‘I’ll promise you a better way of life with excitement and romance’ . The lady responds with her facial expressions to the proposal that appeals to her the most. The gestures, body movements and feel of delivering the dialogues make the scenes emotional, adding more drama to the play.
The Diary of Black Men Stage Play is an outstanding representation of prose, poetry and dance in a theatrical style. The melodious music accompanying each emotional appeal gives it just the right effect of being pure drama. With moods ranging from happiness to sadness and calm to intense, The Diary’s music is a show stopper. This, complemented by the dance moves’ being wonderfully choreographed under the direction of Russel Andrews, the play leaves the audiences in awe.
The Diary of Black Men Stage Play made its way on the stage of the theatre with an aim to solve the problem of African community being in the list of endangered species. For long the issues of black women and men have been under the lime light but little has been done to support them. This play is a step forward in highlighting them with an aim to get to the solution. This drama over the years has acted as a platform in scrutinizing the problem by acting upon them in a way to get the message through to the masses worldwide. Successful enough, the concept has been widely appreciated.

This creation of renowned Houston playwright Thomas Meloncon in the form of The Diary of Black Men Stage Play has worked positively for the marriages and in changing the attitudes of people. With the elements of excitement, suspense and love, spiced up with humor, interests the audiences from the beginning till the last moment of the play. Social issues relating to marriages, babies, working black women are all addressed in this drama with a simple exchange of dialogues that is easily comprehendible. The play is all set to dazzle the stage once again this year! The exceptionally talented cast is going to pull it off with the same valor! So hurry and get your The Diary of Black Men Stage Play Tickets as early as possible!

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