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The Constant Wife is a spectacular comedy play, written by W. Somerset Maugham, who described it as a comedy of manners. It was written in 1926 and was then published for public release in 1927. From then onwards, the play has been produced a number of times and is today regarded as one of the foremost plays to have debuted on Broadway, attracting many each year with The Constant Wife tickets.

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About The Constant Wife

The play follows the main character, Constance Middleton. She is the wife of a highly successful doctor in London and is calm, self–possessed and intelligent. However, at the same time, her life is not as perfect as it seems. Her husband is having an affair with Marie–Louise, her best friend, and she knows of it. However, her whole family, including her sister, mother and friends think that she is not aware of it. This then changes when the jealous husband of Marie–Louise confronts her. The play then continues from here on with the wife confronted by her best friend’s husband. She then reacts in a way no one had suspected; she tells her family that she has known about it all along and then shocks them further by showing a total lack of emotion on the affair and on the concept of marriage. What happens next will form the most interesting part of the play.
As one of the foremost examples of a comedy play, it premiered at the Ohio Theatre in Loudonville, Ohio. It starred Ethel Barrymore playing the wife, with C. Aubrey Smith and Mabel Terry–Lewis. It saw many performances on Broadway, which was followed by a tour, which also starred Ethel Barrymore. Ethel Barrymore’s performance in the play is considered as iconic today, so much so that the writer of the play, W. Somerset Maugham, dedicated it to her. In 1927, the play premiered on London’s West End at the Strand Theatre, with Fay Compton playing the main role. On West End and London, it has been revived a number of times with Ruth Chatterton, Ingrid Bergman and Jenny Seagrove. It has been staged at such phenomenal venues as the Globe Theatre, the Albery Theatre, the Shubert Theatre and the Lyric Theatre.
In 1951, a Broadway revival was produced at the National Theatre, starring Katharine Cornell, who was also the producer of the play with her husband, Guthrie McClintic, directing the play.  Recently, it has been revived in New York City, Charleston, and in Minneapolis. Today, its performances sell a large number of cheap The Constant Wife tickets, so book your tickets and enjoy the show.

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