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The largely popular musical comedy Church Basement Ladies, which first premiered Off Broadway in 2005, has now come up with a fourth installation titled ‘A Mighty Fortress Is Our Basement’, with book by Greta Grosch, and lyrics and music by Drew Jansen. Centering round the same Ladies cooking meals in the church’s basement for its various functions, this time they yet again are confronted with challenges. Against all odds, and changing tides, these strong pillars of church stand rooted firmly in their faith as well as friendship with antics that have now grown much crazier than before, greater new songs a and a host of new lessons learnt quite inescapably. The Church Ladies shows have brought Lutherans the same drama that Nunsense brought the Catholics, cashing in on those nostalgic memories of Baby Boomers that love to recall the simple old times. A Mighty Fortress Is Our Basement tickets are not only considered to be a must-have among the Church Ladies’ fans, but also the comedy-loving lot that waits to get a few laughs.

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A Mighty Fortress Is Our Basement first premiered in 2011 in at Plymouth Playhouse, where it was produced by Troupe America Inc. The comedy show is based on the humorous novel by Susann Nelson and Janet Letnes Martin called Growing Up Lutheran, and has three prequels namely Church Basement Ladies, A Second Helping, and The Church Basement Ladies Christmas. The original installment of the series featured Kyle Nelson as Church Organist; Tim Drake as Pastor E. L. Gunderson; Ruthie Baker as Signe Engleson; Dorian Chalmers as Mrs. Elroy Engleson; Janet Paone as Mrs. Lars; and Greta Grosch as Mrs. Gilmer Gilmerson. The story is essentially meant to celebrate the basement kitchen of the church and the women working there, while centering on four distinct characters as well as their relationships as they go on with their routine of organizing food and solving the problems of a rural Minnesota church that is at the brink of being changed in 1965.  
This fourth installment, A Mighty Fortress Is Our Basement, features the original cast members where Paone is playing the same kitchen matriarch with intolerance for nonsense alongside strong resistance to change; Grosch, who has also written the three of the four shows, portrays the same character who has a talent for slapstick comedy, reminiscent of Lucille Ball; and of course Chalmers who brings us the mother of Beverly, trying to come to terms with the fact that her fifteen-year-old daughter is already wearing high heels and getting ready for  confirmation. This is where we hear them sing Growing Up, Letting Go. This sequel visits 1959 to follow up on the relationship developing between the high and mighty Pastor and the newly hired director of religious education. The Pastor has ordered an engagement ring from the famous Montgomery Ward, quickly proposes, and soon enough a wedding is being planned for the following reformation Sunday. While most of the musical is set on Reformation Sunday, there are flashbacks August, September, May and October, which are meant to tell who the story got to where it stands.
The humor aspect of the performance comes at the expense of the Catholics as well as the Lutherans, and is quite familiar among the show’s following. The Ladies at once know they have to get their hands on new dishes just because the Catholics will be present at the wedding, and so decide to hold a food booth in the country fair. This scene is quite clever but short for all its merry spirit, feistiness and joy. Running on lines of its prequels, the performance has been described to follow the familiar recipe with a somewhat predictable plot that brings out all its wonderful flavors.This is a fun, comedy musical that is not to be missed, so just grab some cheap A Mighty Fortress Is Our Basement tickets, and be there to unwind by laughing it off, one by one.

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