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Harold Pinter is one of the most acclaimed British playwrights for contemporary writing. His famous novel The Caretaker marked the beginning of commercial and artistic success in his professional career as a writer. The novel was adapted into a play in the early sixties and was staged at the Arts Theatre in London. Receiving most favorable reviews it was an immediate hit and earned The Evening Standard Award for the ‘Best Play’ of sixties. After decades of success, it is being showcased in the best theatres in your town once again. The Caretaker tickets will buy you drama, comedy and thrill all packed together in the form of quality theatrics.

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About The Caretaker

The Caretaker is influenced for its subject matter and style by the world famous classic Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett. Its story deals with the distance between fantasy and reality, struggle for power and family relationships. Despite of focusing on serious issues of our community that need special attention, the play maintains a light mood throughout the show with few comic acts. Its premier earned the play recognition of being a Theatrical Masterpiece which is still maintained in the entertainment industry for four decades now.
The Caretaker revolves around three characters, Mick, Aston and the tramp Davies. Aston has recently recovered from mental illness by getting an electric shock treatment and lives with his brother Mick. The story proceeds to the introduction of the third character when Aston finds a tramp, Davies, being attacked by a few people and out of courtesy he brings him home. Davies is not welcomed by Mick and he doesn’t approve of the intrusion in their family life. As the events roll in, to make Davies presence tolerable, he is given the role of a caretaker. Davies after judging the scenario and the disrupted relationship between the brothers tries to bridge the existent gap between them. His efforts include planning out a number of instances that bring a smile on audiences’ faces. Do the efforts of Davies to revive the brotherly love between Aston and Mick work or all his efforts go in vain? You have to buy The Caretaker tickets to know how many surprises this play offers.
For more than four decades, the play has entertained millions of people with its amazing story across the world. The play actually allows the audiences to experience the emotions portrayed, in real. The hatred and lack of communication between the brothers is made virtually visible by plotting a few of their scenes together on stage. Apart from this Davies is shown to be a considerate caretaker who‘s failed attempt to bring Aston and Mick close, end up to be negative for him.
The more uncomplicated The Caretaker seems on surface, much complex is it in its sub texts. The depth and perception in the author’s writing is elegantly presented in the masterful use of dialogues that brings the right feel to the spectators.
Getting cheap The Caretaker tickets is truly a treat for theatre loving audience. So spare some time for some quality entertainment and buy The Caretaker tickets to witness a perfect combination of drama and comedy in one go.
The play might be getting staged for four decades but it hasn’t lost its freshness even a bit. It still enjoys the same level of audience support as it did in the very beginning. Every show opens as if it’s the premier of The Caretaker. So if by any chance you have missed the most talked about premier of the play, it is never too late. You can still be a part of it that too on reasonable rates by getting cheap The Caretaker tickets. So what are you waiting for? The event is just around the corner. Check out the schedule and get The Caretaker tickets as early as you can!

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