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Music is passion of almost all the nations and even their military forces. Just like other musical bands and artists, music has been a vital element for The Black Watch as well. The highland dancers of The Black Watch perform with the beat of drums and pipes music in a great way. Highland soldiers are the symbol of Scotland; drums and pipes have always been associated with their lives. They are one of the most prominent military images in the history of Scotland.

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The Black Watch possesses the history of honor, bravery and devoted service. Scotland’s Black Watch force performs in an honorable way. They feel proud to represent their regimental music in full form. They have served in historic conflicts with their pipes and drums; they have proudly guided the troops into battle. When played in the battle, the beautiful sound of pipes always elevated the spirit of the soldiers of highland. Their sound was like an alarm for the enemies. They also played music at the time of battle to generate fear in hearts of enemies. The Black Watch band have military musicians who have presented their musical abilities over the decades.
Despite the advancements in music technology, pipes and drums play an important role and still the favorite music worldwide. The band of The Black Watch has carried out numerous band tours to the North America as well. The military musicians and the drummers have adopted an artistic approach to play the music. They have done about 11 tours and have also given a performance at the President Kennedy White House. The spirit of these military musicians is the result of Hielan Laddie, the Regimental quick march title, which is an ancient Scottish folk tune.
It is a combination of several different old melodies and numerous sets of words. Highland Laddie has been the most memorable poem by Robert Burns. It has been used with various unique styles of music to announce the arrival of Highland Regiments and British Army. It has been considered as the royal treatment by the Scottish military forces and Highland soldiers. The presentation with pipes and drums has been played on Hielan’ Laddie at the quick march and for slow marches the cradle song of My Home and Highland is played. Besides this legendary song, this military band has performed on All the Blue Bonnets Are over the Border at the quick march and the Grab of Old Gaul for the slow march presentation.
The highland soldiers and military bands of The Black Watch will join the forces for the Band of the Scout Guards at the upcoming event. Band of the Scots Guards is included in the Regiments of foot Guards. They guard the British monarch. The music director of the band is Major Simon Haw and WO1 M Evans is the band master of the band of the Scots Guards. The band has 49 members. The band has participated in the international Brisbane festival as well. The band of the Scout Guards has several music ensembles such as concert band, dance band, marching band, brass quintet, string quartet, jazz ensemble and orchestra. The band has becoming more famous with every passing year; they play for various events and functions of the state. Some of the famous events include Changing of the Guard, Royal Ascot, Trooping the Color and the Festival of Remembrance.
The band of the Scots Guards and The Black Watch is going to celebrate the music of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England with traditional dancing, drums, marches, bagpipes and much more! They have been entertaining audience and inspire the British troops for many years now. They are the iconic images of the Great Britain military music and their talent attracts many visitors from all over the Europe and America as well. With The dirty dozen brass band tickets you can have your chance to enjoy the most inspiring music of all times. There are also many cheap The Dirty Dozen Brass Band tickets available to make it easy for you to attend the show. So hurry up and get your share today!

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