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Straight No Chaser is a singing group based in Bloomington, Indiana. They became popular with their performance of the song “The 12 Days of Christmas” at Indiana University. When this video was posted onto YouTube, it gained over sixteen million views. This led them to a recording contract of five years with the popular company, Atlantic Records. They have been successful recording artists ever since, and are one of the few a cappella groups with record deals. They have continued to tour around the country since 1998. They will be doing another concert series around the US soon for which Straight No Chaser Montreal tickets are now available.

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The musicians originally came together when a group of ten friends decided to form a band to perform at their college’s annual show. They chose their name from the name of the song and the album by Thelonious Monk. Since their formation, the group has taken no break from extensive touring, playing as many as seventy five dates in one year. Just recently, they embarked to perform in seventy five cities across the US. Later on they extended their tour to the UK and Canada as well. In the meantime, they also released DVDs of their performances, and recorded a holiday album that was very well received. The group continues to evolve as music artists with each member becoming a better performer after every experience. Get the cheap Straight Ni Chaser Montreal tickets and enjoy the musicians’ live performance.