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Straight No Chaser Indianapolis is a concert featuring one of the most famous American capella groups. This is a group that grew from the Indiana University back in 1996 and has since then gone on to captivate many with their music. They rose to fame further when a video of them performing the song The 12 Days of Christmas became popular on YouTube, getting over fifteen million views. This led to a record deal with Atlantic Records for five albums, beginning in 2008, and the start of a new direction for Straight No Chaser. The members today are Dan Ponce, Charlie Mechling, Randy Stine, Tyler Trepp, Dave Roberts, Jerome Collins, Walter Chase, Seggie Isho, Mike Luginbill and Ryan Ahlwardt. Together, they make a combination that is a must see, after purchasing Straight No Chaser Indianapolis tickets.

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Named after the title of a 1967 album Thelonious Monk, their first performance was at a dance marathon. This was followed by a national tour, performing at venues such as Carnegie Hall. In 1999, they went on hiatus and returned in 2008, due to the widespread popularity of their YouTube video. In 2010, they performed a seventy five city tour of cities in the US, UK and Canada. This year, they are again ready for a tour and many have already gotten their hands on Straight No Chaser Indianapolis tickets to see them performing live in this city. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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