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The award winning men's singing group, Straight No Chaser is coming to Boston for a live concert! The group includes 10 to 12 talented singers who have been making some quality music for the past many years. These men represent the Indiana University and have quite a handsome fan following as well. They got a huge kick start from YouTube after their song went viral and got over 11 million views. Right after this, they got an offer from Atlantic Records, a well known recording company. Since then they’ve come up with many albums and a lot of the songs garnered a fair appreciation nationwide.

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They received so much love from the fans that they started performing on a bigger platform. Day after day the fan following kept on getting stronger. Now they are referred to as the ultimate entertainers. The most unique and different thing about their work is that they don’t use a single instrument and yet are amazingly famous. To be exact, this type of music normally includes only vocals and no instrumental sound at all. It is called cappella. This kind of music originally was, and still often is, used in religious music, especially church music. But the Indiana University's Straight No Chasers have tried this out for various occasions. Their recent album, With A Twist just hit the market and is showing a positive response. Come, enjoy some of their latest racks in this upcoming event. Get your Straight No Chaser Boston Tickets right away!

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