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There is plenty of talent on the streets and Stomp is an act that is the perfect example of it! You do not have to have a thousand dollar drum kit to make the beat when you can use the drum cans to make a rhythmic groove that would make the listeners want to move with it! The band that started off as nothing more than street performers have finally made it big. They have a talent that sure as hell make you want to move to their groovy tunes and you just cannot help but tab your feet and clap your hands to the beat of the music!

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About Stomp Spokane Tickets

Stomp has become an increasingly popular act over the years. They band has been traveling around the globe for more than fifteen years now but the fans still cannot seem to have enough of them. With their ever increasing popularity, there are hardly any people out there who have not seen the band in action and even fewer who have not heard of them. The surprising part of their whole act is that it does have a very well defined story line as well but the fact that the rest of the show is so awesome kind of puts the whole story line in low light. But that also helps in highlighting some of the other cooler things of the show like the terrific dance routines backed with the music. So get your Stomp Spokane Tickets for a fun night out with your friends!