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If you have not watched any Stomp show before, then you are just unaware how creative and talented some people are and how wonderful it is to watch them perform. We might have never felt any musicality in brooms, tin lids, steel pipes, empty drums cans of all of all shapes and sizes and kitchen sinks. But Stomp has created some great rhythm and percussion from these apparently useless objects. The idea of industrial music is 3 decades old but what Stomp does is just totally unique, they are producing junk music or more appropriately wonderful music from trashed items. If you are into loud and raw music then Stomp New York Tickets are just perfect for you.

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Stomp was created in 1991 by Steve McNicholas and Luke Cresswell. It was premiered in Bloomsbury Theater London and won the Best of the Fringe Award by Daily Express and Critics Choice award by Guardian. The original members of this show were: Sarah Eddy, Nick Dwyer, Theseus Gerard, David Olrod, and Carl Smith and of course Luke Cresswell. Within just a few years, Stomp became a very popular touring show in Asia, Europe, America and Australia. They have also performed at many live award shows including the Latin Grammy, the Emmys and the Academy Awards. Their presence on television shows and dramas is certain to increase the channels rating and viewership. Catch them live in New York and have time of your life with their wild robust performance. Grab your Stomp New York Tickets now!

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