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E.L James popular risqué novel ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ has been many a topic of discussions since its first publication in 2011. The trilogy has sold more than seventy million copies, superseding the best selling paperback record of Harry Potter. The popularity of the book compelled many Broadway productions to create different comic versions of the story. These adaptations have met a terrific audience response and are running successfully in cities all over the US. Spank! The Fifty Shades Parody Kalamazoo tickets will give you an opportunity to enjoy the play which has brought instinctive smiles and giggles to packed theatre houses.

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The play centers on a middle aged woman Ana, who imagines herself as a young girl. She falls in love with a handsome gentleman named Christian. Behind his charming exterior, Christian also has some dark shades to his personality which Ana is unaware of. The play aims to present a humorous take on the subject of female desires and fantasies. It entails many sexy striptease acts and sharp explicit dialogues that besides being funny, are also extremely easy to relate to, especially for the females. This is because it brings out their subconscious thoughts and complexities before them in a light hearted and enjoyable manner. The show is backed by a live music band which plays a number of scores complementing the performance of the on stage actors. So get your friends together to enjoy this phenomenal adult comedy that has entertained people of both the genders.