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Fifty Shades is the notorious novel written by EL James, and originally fashioned after the “Twilight” series. The book became become one of the bestselling novels of the year it was published in. Still, this release was not without controversy. The dark tones and explicit content that the book carries, along with the amateur writing style was immensely criticized. And thus it has been subjected to a lot of  ridicule and many parodies have been made. Spank the Fifty Shades Parody Cleveland tickets are being sold for the upcoming play.

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The show takes on a funny disposition, with witty remarks that nod to the original story, and talented actors who command the stage. The story has been sequenced according to the books as well. The glorifying of an abusive relationship and the portrayal of control as love is also what has been highly criticized by readers of the novel. It has been deemed as anti feminist, depicting a dominating male figure, with the heroine dutifully giving in to all his needs, compromising all she believes in. Thus, the parody addresses all these subjects in a mocking tone. Because the trilogy of books has become so famous in popular culture, the play is bound to be received well by both genders for as long as the debate surrounding them remains relevant. For now, just get your cheap Spank the Fifty Shades Parody Cleveland tickets and laugh your heart out.