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Theatre-goers in the city of New York have seen numerous sorts of plays, musicals and theatrical productions over the year. Some of them stand out for their plot while some of them manage to rise above due to their cast or overall production value. In this cluster of theatrical productions, catching something utterly unique and new happens only once in a blue moon. So if you have been fishing for an entirely new and distinct theatrical experience for quite some time, then your wait is over as Sleep No More comes to New York City this year with all its immersive and interactive way of storytelling.

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About Sleep No More

Coming from the creative factory of the famous British Theatre Company, Punchdrunk, Sleep No More is a site specific theatrical production that takes place is make-believe hotel called McKittrick Hotel. For the production, Punchdrunk collaborated with Emursive and American Repertory Theatre. This work of fiction takes place in a block of warehouses that have been converted into the McKittrick Hotel. For the matchless theatrical experience that the play provides to its audience members, Sleep No More has won a Drama Desk Award for Unique Theatrical Experience, moreover, Sleep No More also claimed Obie Awards for the categories of Choreography and Design. All in all, Sleep No More tickets will expose you to a theatrical experience unlike any other that you’ve ever seen before.
The story takes place in a hotel called McKittrick Hotel that saw its completion back in 1939, with the intention of it being the top notch and most luxurious hotel of that time. However since the World War II broke out six weeks before the opening of the hotel, the hotel was permanently sealed off for public. But after seventy two years, Punchdrunk in collaboration with Emursive brings life back to the hotel with this Scottish Tragedy by Shakespeare that is presented in the film noir. The play lets its audience members chose their own pace and path, as they are allowed to move freely with in the fictional world of the story.
Sleep No More is placed within a fictional hotel called the McKittrick Hotel, which comprises of five floors. The hotel also features several rooms that aren’t usually seen in a hotel like a mental asylum, menageries of a taxidermist, shops, a cell and stuff like that. All the actors and their surroundings have a film noir atmosphere to them, while the décor and the dresses reflect the traditions of early 20th century. The audience members of the show kick off their immersive journey of the McKittrick Hotel from the Manderley Bar and from there they move on to an elevator which takes them to the other floors on the hotel.  
The audience members are provided with no programme whatsoever; however they are instructed to remain silent all the times and wear a special kind of mask throughout the three hour long performance. Once the audience boards the elevator from the Manderley Bar, they can move freely in the hotel; however they may choose to leave the hotel premises at any time. The audience also has the freedom of either following the tale of just one actors or a group of actors, or follow various actors during that three-hour long interactive ride. As the story of Macbeth is revealed in Sleep No More at the McKittrick Hotel, a recorded piece of music keeps on playing steadily in the background.  
With its unique style of storytelling that involves no voice acting at all, Sleep No More has managed to garner positive reviews from most of the critics. The show premiered back on March 7, 2011 and since then it has been enjoying he appraisal of all those who’ve witnessed it. So brace yourselves as cheap Sleep No More tickets take you on an immersive and interactive journey through McKittrick Hotel. 

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