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Singing In The Rain is a mind blowing and breathtaking musical, based upon a musical movie of the same name that is today considered as iconic and legendary in the world of musicals. This superb theatrical production has its music as the work of Nacio Herb Brown whereas its lyrics are the work of Arthur Freed. The book behind the splendid Singing In The Rain musical is the joint effort of Adolph Green and Betty Comden. The musical itself is based upon the movie, Singing In The Rain, released in 1952. This one of a kind musical premiered on London’s West End back in 1983 and was closely followed by a debut on Broadway in 1985. Since then, it has seen many productions and several awesome tours that have resulted in this American musical becoming an international sensation, a must see through Singing In The Rain Tickets for you and your loved ones.

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About Singing In The Rain

The Singing In The Rain musical has seen many productions since its sensational premiere. Aside from the West End and Broadway productions, Singing In The Rain had a very popular UK tour from 1994 to 1995. This was closely followed by a production done by the Royal National Theatre in 2000 and yet another production several years later in London. In 2011, Singing In The Rain premiered at the Chichester Festival Theatre. In 2012, Singing In The Rain is set for yet another much anticipated run on London’s West End as well as a run in Warsaw. This musical, adapted from the 1952 hit film of the same name, also has much the same story as the film. This musical takes place during one of the most historical moments in film and Hollywood, the time when the time of the silent screen movies was coming to an end and talking films were starting off.
It features a group of actors and actresses in the silent screen movie era in Hollywood; the romantic lead actor Don Lockwood, the lead’s sidekick Cosmo Brown, the aspiring and sensational actress Kathy Selden and last but not least, the leading actress and lady, Lina Lamont, who happens to be find herself in a rough spot. Her unusual vocal tones results in her being one of the least likely actresses to be chosen to work in a talking film with sound and voice. This group of actors and actresses then goes on to perform some of the most amusing antics with Singing In The Rain itself being a spectacular comedy musical, one of the very best there is today.
Singing In The Rain West End premiere occurred in 1983 at the London Palladium. It was directed by director Tommy Steele and choreographed by choreographer Peter Gemaro. The original musical cast of Singing In The Rain included the director, Tommy Steele, playing the role of Don Lockwood, Roy Castle playing the role of Cosmo Brown, Danielle Carson playing the role of Kathy and Sarah Payne playing two different roles; as Lina Lamont and Julia. It also featured music by some amazing artists including Dorothy Fields, Jimmy McHugh, George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin, Johnny Mercer, Richard Whiting and Cole Porter as well as music from the original movie.
In 1985, Singing In The Rain debuted on Broadway at the spectacular George Gershwin Theatre; it was directed as well as choreographed by Twyla Thar and featured a mew cast with several changes to the musical resulting in an American version of the Singing In The Rain musical.
In 2011, Singing In The Rain saw one of its most successful runs occur at the Chichester Festival Theatre, a run that was not only sold out but also acclaimed critically, receiving rave reviews in the media. In terms of awards, Singing In The Rain has received many of them including two Tony Award nominations, one Theatre World Award, one Drama Desk Award and three Drama Desk Award nominations. The musical film is today regarded as one of the Best Musicals Ever Made, ranking at the top of the AFI 100 Years of Musicals list as well as coming fifth on the AFI List of the Greatest American Films. It also received a Golden Glove Award and a Writers Guild of America Award. It has also been ranked Number One on the AFI’s Greatest Movie Musicals list and has positions on seven other AFI 100 Years Lists, a mind blowing feat that is definitely more than worth Singing In The Rain Tickets for the most amazing musical you have ever seen live!

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