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The 2014 tour of Singin’ in the Rain is stopping in the United States for a performance that is sure to amuse the audience. A theatrical adaptation of the popular American musical film released in 1952, it follows the original story line very closely. This is a musical tale which shows Hollywood’s significant shift from silent films to sound films with some great and some not so great consequences. Enjoy this fancy package of musical entertainment by booking your Singin in the rain tickets today. Singin’ in the rain is set in the days when Hollywood was beginning to see the emergence of talking pictures as the silent movies slowly lost their charm. In a leading studio of that time, there is an onscreen power couple, Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont, who have a very strong onscreen chemistry in silent movies. However, off the screen, Don can hardly tolerate his leading lady whereas Lina is convinced that their romance is real.

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In these circumstances comes the unexpected revolution of the movie industry in which the films find their voice. Convinced that this is the future of cinema, the studio’s head R.F. Simpson decides to convert the ongoing Lamont-Lockwood silent film into a talkie. This is just the beginning of an unforeseen storm of complexities. Don who has some experience as a singer and dancer adjusts to the new settings however Lina’s shrieking vocals turn out to be disastrous for their film. When the movie is previewed, it is a total catastrophe which leaves the audience in hysterics and the studio embarrassed.


At this point, Don and his close buddy and comedy side-kick Cosmo Brown, decide to turn the film into a musical comedy. However, the problem of Lina’s grating voice continues. As a solution they convince Simpson to hire the aspiring actor Kathy to give voiceover to Lina. On hearing this, Lina is furious and demands that Kathy’s work as Lina’s dubbing voice remains unaccredited. In the course of the comedy movies production, feelings start to emerge between Don and Kathy which further antagonizes Lina. With all this happening, the first Hollywood musical is released and is a terrific success. After the premier show, the audience asks Lina to sing live for them. In the events that follow some very clever improvisations are done, falsehood is exposed, and the true star is revealed. The destined Hollywood couple is brought to their fairytale happily ever after.


This incredibly enjoyable stage production by Stage Entertainment and Chichester Festival Theatre is a Jonathan Church direction. For its brilliant performances across the globe, Singin’ in the Rain has been acclaimed both critically and commercially. It is especially popular because of its addicting and engaging music by Nacio Herb Brown which has been complemented by Arthur Freed’s exceptional lyrics. All the songs from the original MGM production will entertain the audience including Moses Supposes, Good Mornin’, Make ‘em Laugh and of course the well-known title song Singin’ in the Rain.


The stage is set with an extraordinary design by Simon Higlett and is further enhanced by Tim Mitchell’s creative expertise to bring in the original feel of the 1920’s era in Tinseltown. The design elements are especially creative and you can enjoy almost life-like raining scenes. It is recorded that as much as 12,000 liters of water is used to create an indoor shower of rain for every performance. With all this, the real magic is brought to the stage by the talented and accomplished cast. James Leece perfectly portrays the role of the charming superstar Don Lockwood, Amy Ellen does full justice to the hidden star Kathy Selden, Vicky Binns is the new face of Lina Lamont, whereas the role of Cosmo Brown is performed by Stephane Anelli supported by Maxwell Caulfield as R. F. Simpson.


The show will be packed with charming romance, light-hearted comedy, and the film industry glamour which are all ingredients that combine to bring good entertainment. With a great mix of music and dancing, this theatrical adaptation is sure to appeal to all generations. Book your evening of pure joy by buying Singin in the rain tickets which are available for sale.


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