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If you are a theater fan then you simply cannot miss out on the chance to see something as special as Shuffle Along. The musical with its magical performances and hot dance numbers has set Broadway on fire and has received rave reviews not only from the critics but also from people around the world. It is now going to be staged in your town soon and this is your opportunity to catch this epic musical in person. Grab your Shuffle Along tickets before everyone else does and be among the lucky ones to watch it live with your friends and family.

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About Shuffle Along

Shuffle Along: The musical that made you drool with anticipation

The original Broadway production of the epic musical, Shuffle Along premiered in 1921 and ran for a jaw dropping five hundred and four performances. It was written by Flournoy Miller and Aubrey Lyles whereas its music and lyrics were provided by Eubie Blake and Nobel Sissle.

Over the course of subsequent years, Shuffle Along started to get more popular and became a major hit, with people everywhere falling in love with it. It was being played in a remote Broadway house on West 63rd Street after it came off an unsuccessful pre-Broadway tour. But even that didn’t stop people from filling the seats of the arena.

The musical’s catchy jazz score and energetic performance lit up the New York City and often caused traffic jams on certain times. Many notable names like, George Gershwin, Al Jolson, Fanny Brice, George Jean Nathan and Langston Hughes frequently visited the venue to watch the show. Shuffle Along also became responsible for launching the careers of its stars Lorence Mills, Paul Robeson, Josephine Baker, Fredi Washington and Adelaide.

Storyline that will keep you entertained

The comical tale of the musical, Shuffle Along circles around two dishonest men, Sam and Steve who are contesting for the position of the mayor of Jimtown, USA. They make a pact that whoever wins the election will appoint the other as the chief of police. When the campaign comes to an end, Sam is declared as the winner and as promised, appoints his partner, Steve as the chief of police. However, the two men couldn’t remain on the same page and start to argue over very simple matters. During this time, Harry, an opponent vows to end their crooked regime and soon gets the support of people to win the next election. Once he comes to power, Harry runs the corrupt duo of Sam and Steve out of town, earning the love of Jessie in the process.

The adaptation

In 2016, the world was treated to the adaptation of this epic play. It is led by the six times Tony Award winning actress and singer, Audra McDonald and is based on the original book of the 1921 musical revue Shuffle Along. The production became so successful that it got a total of ten Tony Award nominations and bagged four Drama Desk Awards including one for ‘Outstanding Musical.’ It was also honored with a New York Drama Critics Circle Award for the ‘Best Musical’ in 2016.

The critics are going crazy over Shuffle Along

Shuffle Along has become a great critical success and has earned rave reviews from everyone across the board. The musical is praised by Variety in words, “The show is to die for and is ebullient, and that an incoherent book is a small price to pay for the joy of watching Audra McDonald cut loose." Moreover it also received coverage from, Associated Press, CBS News, The Washington Post, Broadway World, The New York Times Magazine and New York Daily News among others. Now you can enjoy the musical live as it hits the road for its tour. If you are in the area then book your Shuffle Along tickets in time and watch it live. 


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