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Shrek the Musical is among the top newest shows wildly popular with child-audiences as well as adults. The musical is based on the superb movie Shrek - the 2001 cinematic hit from DreamWorks, which, in turn, is based on the book by William Steig. Shrek, the pop-pastiche animated movie with a star-studded cast has been adapted successfully into a highly entertaining musical. The show premiered in Seattle and then on Broadway in 2008. Shrek is the story of a green ogre who gets into hilarious misadventures (along with his insufferable friend Donkey) and who ends up finding his true love as a consequence. This fun, spectacular musical is about being content with one's appearance, even if one is all green, while cherishing inner beauty; Above all, it is a comedy of manners in which various contrasts (moral and physical) prove the disjunctions between illusion and reality.

About Shrek

This $10 million-plus venture is DreamWorks Theatricals' maiden production and has been called "Downright hilarious!" by critics. Shrek tickets the Musical is quickly becoming a hit musical-magical comedy - a two and a half hour show that gets thunderous applause for acting every time it is performed. Because the movie was such a resounding success and was followed by multiple sequels, it is heartening that the musical is faithful to the movie. The cast and crew have met the challenge of adapting the animated characters and aspects peculiar to animation motion pictures - to fit the needs of contemporary theater.

Shrek the Musical stands out among other shows for its original, fully mobile and interactive set - some props even emerge from the floor! The magic-mirror is one of the most incredible props with its good old-fashioned appeal and an added touch of technological magic! This versatile set is worthy of the choicest accolades in the category. The same can be said for the elaborate costumes, which include prosthetics and bodysuits - prepare to be enthralled as Fiona is turned from delicate princess to Ogre in just over a minute!

With Jeanine Tesori (of Thoroughly Modern Millie) as the composer and Lindasy-Abaire as lyricist, the musical score is a blast! Among the many songs that are memorable, "Morning Person," "The Ballad of Farquaad" and "Freak Flag" stand out. The song "I think I got you beat" includes flatulence humor: something this comedy relies on heavily. The slap-stick features of Shrek the Musical are neutralized and made adorable by the true-to-fairy-tale beauty of the costumes and choreography which lend that authentic sweetness of childhood's imaginary worlds. It all comes together in hit song sequences like "Morning Person" and "Big, Bright World."

The story is one of enchantment, courage and solid values: the ingredients of a fairy tale. The style emulates a medieval mood without being disharmonious with modern sensibilities. The result is a show that sparkles with wondrous, delightful moments as well as bursting with sheer comic entertainment. A generic story of an outcast who is forever changed after he finds a kindred spirit, Shrek tells the tale of a boy who was abandoned when his parents found out that he was an ogre. He finds peace in his secluded swamp. But his solitude is disrupted when Lord Farquaad, the villain, sends a whole population of fairy tale characters into exile near Shrek's home. This population includes a talkative, over-the-top funny and clingy Donkey. In trying to regain his swampland from Lord Farquaad, Shrek gets entangled with the rescue-mission of Princess Fiona - whose castle is surrounded by lava and protected by a fearsome dragon. A comic adventure ensues, in which Shrek and his irritating companion Donkey - who tries to persuade Shrek to let him be his companion and whose persuasion strategies include poeticizing - "You and I belong together," he persists, despite being repeatedly rejected by Shrek "like Yin and Yang/ Nin and Chang" and desperate for a rhyme with "please" he adds "like donuts and diabetes!" Donkey's song "Don't let me go!" is a blast and unlikely partners as they are, Shrek and Donkey definitely belong together.

Shrek the musical is a treat of a lifetime for the entire family. If you enjoyed Shrek the movie and all the fabulous sequels with their pop-parodies and such, you'll be amazed by how well Shrek the Musical creates the same parallels in the theatre scene. Enjoy the critically-acclaimed stellar performances, marvelous choreography, true-to-Broadway music and lyrics - best of all, the lively magic of Shrek the Musical's masterful set-design and mobile props. Shrek the Musical will dazzle you and make you want to experience it all over again. Don't miss this hilarious musical!

A theater experience is different from that of a film experience. Granted you may know the story, but Shrek on stage is a whole other feeling! You do not want to miss one of the most exciting events to hit the stage, so book your Cheap Shrek Tickets with us as soon as possible. With so many people that completely adore this story, this is bound to be a jam packed show so the tickets are bound to be sold fast. Shrek on stage is definitely something not be missed.

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