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Get ready to experience the world of Shear Madness, one of the longest running plays of US in the non-musicals category. This play is a very unique comedy act that has become the best loved and most popular Off- Broadway shows. It has been delighting and entertaining audiences since it opened for public viewing. Even today, one night after the other crowds flock to theaters to watch and enjoy this amazing improvisational comedy. Shear Madness tickets are your passes to a hilarious, spine tickling whodunit. Make sure you get your share of tried and tested, super crazy madness.

About Shear Madness

Shear Madness is a mystery that takes place in a hairstyling salon. The salon is loaded with some very interesting characters. The cast brilliantly delivers spontaneous up-to-the-minute humor. In the course of some interesting events and jokes, a complication develops. A murder takes place that leaves everyone at the Shear Madness saloon, clueless. This play is very special as lets the audience the joy ride and solve the mystery as it goes on. If you are interested in this kind of interactivity, then you bound to get a whole lot of suspense and fun together. From spotting the clues to questioning suspects, you will get to see and enjoy the funniest mystery ever! The paly is one of the best crime solving mysteries of our times. It has kept audiences on their toes, each time the mystery is solved differently leading to a different criminal. This experience is very thrilling and audiences come back to be a part to the evolving crime scene. More over the topsy-turvy backdrop and the madcap improvisations get everyone involved; making the scenes of the mayhem at this hair saloon a must watch.

The "madness" of this play began in 1976; the production of I Do, I Do brought Bruce Jordan and Marilyn Abrams together. As fiends they explored Scherenschnitt (1963), a play written Paul Portner. The playwright used the script to study perception of reality. This psychological thriller looks at how subjects understand an off-stage murder. They solve the mystery with a list probable suspects. The idea and concept was fresh but was played rather plain. The duo revised it and later staged it in 1978 as “Shear Madness-in Lake George”.

In the first year the play ran with actual audience giving their responses into the play. This level of involvement brought the curious, thrill keeping crowds every night to Lake George. Jordan let the actors play along the wishes of the audiences. They were allowed to let them take over with anything better; a more exciting clue, a joke funnier than the script, the play gave the audiences and upper hand. The play became hit because of this format. However, it was still lacking a little bit of sugar and spice. That came when the play changed every time it was staged. This was the magic of the madness that captivated audiences for many decades.

Once this play became suitable for a full length commercial production, Jordan and Adams stepped down from the lead roles. They became the creative powerhouse behind the play that became a project of Cranberry Productions. After shifting control to the artistic and financial positions the two managed to make this originally serious psychodrama a raucous comedy. The show got rave reviews and feedback to improve on the interactivity. All this was taken care of and the show shifted to Boston in1980. This production has led to forty two productions of this play that have been staged throughout the US. The play has been presented in prestigious venues across Europe, Africa, Australia and the Americas. The show has enjoyed a viewership of approximately ten million worldwide. It has been voted many times as the "Best Comedy of the Year” by the media. It was the first play to be inducted into the Comedy Hall of Fame. The Mystery Writers of America awarded it the Raven Award for its outstanding script and innovation.

Today, the play continues to run in the same old fashion. To add extra zing, latest news and media are also mentioned in between the lines. To enjoy great laughs and wild conflicting confusions, watch a fresh and crisp running of the play this season. Cheap Shear Madness tickets offer you a cheerful opportunity to watch this hit show. Don’t forget to book your seats. Relax and rewind!

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