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As we hear Seussical The Musical, the only name that comes into mind is that of Dr. Seuss as nothing can be more seussical than him. Well Seussical The Musical is the creative endeavor of Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens which is primarily based on the books of Dr. Seuss. Although the story is considered to be a complex portrayal of Dr. Seuss famous books yet it has been amalgamated with such artistry that a number of Broadway and West End productions have taken place so far. With the learning aspect at one end, the musical has an entertaining end too that makes it truly engrossing and worth going for. As the musical made its appearance on the Broadway, Two US Tours were organized and a UK Tour made it truly popular. A regional theatre, community and school favorite, Seussical The Musical has made its name in the entertainment world like anything.

About Seussical The Musical

All of this started in 2000 when Eric Idle played Cat in the Hat. The musical had its try out in Boston and then it knew no bounds. It opened in Broadway in 2000 under the direction of Frank Galati with the original Broadway cast of David Shiner as Cat in the Hat, Anthony Blair as Jojo and Horton was played by Kevin Chamberlain along with many other artists thus making it a big hit amongst the young audience as well as the mature ones too. Throughout the run there were a number of changes in Cat in the Hat that included Cathy Rigby and Rosie o’ Donnell. The critics claimed a huge cast and unsympathetic storyline as the drawback and so the production ended in 2001 with almost 200 performances.

After the first tour the script was extensively reviewed thus removal and reworking of several songs. The biggest change involves Jojo who is reminded of The Cat in the Hat as he sees the hat in the center of the stage. The Cat helps him create a Seussian universe as well as the rest of the story. It is this version of the musical that has been received with much positive remarks and the children’s theatre companies throughout the country too. The musical was later adopted in a one act show Seussical The Musical Jr. remodeled especially for the young artists of junior and middle school students.

The overarching plot of the show gives the reflection of Horton Hears A Who! with the scenarios and characters from other Seuss books too. There seems to be an inclusion of an outside observer and a narrator who jumps into the story and creates conflict in the musical yet it takes the story further too. Although the musical seems to be a clever combination of Seuss books yet the artistic endeavor involved in making it a wonderful story is worth the effort. The coherence and the harmony created in the musical is worth appreciating while not to forget the music which makes it truly entertaining. Although Seuss books have casted spell on young readers, Seussical The Musical has made it even more engrossing and worth watching. For the young and passionate Seuss books fans, Seussical The Musical is a treat worth grasping this season.

The music that brings life to the musical calls for an extensive orchestration and a huge number of seventeen professional musicians to make it an out class performance the young audience could have ever dreamed of. All those who attend the show just once truly yearn to be the part of the show once again as their experience is worth going for the next time. Gather up all the young kids of the family with Seussical The Musical Tickets in hand to make their time memorable this season. Nothing can beat the philosophical and lyrical tone of The Cat in the Hat which makes the musical more amusing and engrossing. Tick out some time and relish the childhood as cheap Seussical The Musical Tickets can be a good incentive for uncles and aunts to take their nephews and nieces along for an entertaining yet learning journey this season.